Ch. 60

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Harmony's p.o.v|

I wake up next to Luke the next morning.

"Good morning handsome."

"Good morning beautiful."

I smile at my handsome fiancé.

"Last night was..."

"Amazing," Luke finishes my sentence.


"Thank you for last night. It was very much needed." I had a big smile on my face.

"There's no need to thank me, Harmony. I love you and I would do anything for you."

"I know and I would do the same."

We cuddle for awhile in bed.

I get up after a few minutes to get dressed. I grab some clothes out of the top drawer. I suddenly felt a hand on my bare butt. I look up to see a smirking Luke.

"Round 2?" He looks at me suggestively.

"Later okay."

He pouted.

"We have to pick up Layla."

"Fine" he said.

I get dressed and he does the same. We go out to the car and drive to my mom's house. I ring the doorbell and she answers the door. Luke and I go inside.

"How was she?" I ask my mom.

"She was great, don't worry" she replied.


She hands Layla over to me. She hands Luke the bag. We walk to out to the car and put the stuff in the trunk.

"Bye mom." I told her.

"See you soon" she said.

We get in the car and drive off. When we get back home, I put Layla in her room.

The boys are coming over soon to pay a visit. I have missed them so much. The girls should be dropping by later also. We haven't had much time to hang out, since I have the baby now. Luke obviously still hangs out with his friends and bandmates. He has no choice because it's his job after all.

(Later that day)

"Hey guys!" I invite Cal, Ash, and Mikey into the house.

"Harmony!" The boys run over and hug me tightly.

"I missed you boys so much!" I hug them back.

"We miss having you and Luke at the house," Calum tells me.

"The truth is, I really do miss living with you boys."

"Aww we missed you so much." Mikey hugs me again and this time he doesn't let go.

"Mikey, let go!" I giggled.

"Michael, let go of my fiancé!" Luke told him.

The boys tear away Michael from me.

"I can finally breathe again!" I laughed.

"No it's my turn!" Cal hugs me again tightly.

"Oh god no!"

Calum pulls away from me.

"Now me!" Ash said.

He hugs me and practically lifts me off the ground.

"Now it's time for Luke!" Mikey said making me laugh.

They all hug Luke and don't let go of him. After a few minutes, they release their grip on him.

"Now, where's my little niece?" Ashton asks me.

"She's upstairs in her room."

"Lead the way" Cal says.

I look at him and laugh. I lead the way to the nursery. I open the door and look into the room. I lead them over to the bassinet with little Layla inside.

"Aww she's so cute!" Calum said.

"She's perfect!" Ash laughed.

"Oh Jesus. I'm sorry Layla, but you're gonna have really stupid uncles." I tell my baby girl and she giggles.

"Hey!" Mikey said.

"She seems to agree with me. Isn't that right, Layla?"

She giggles again. She reaches her little arms towards the boys. Michael takes her from me.

"I think I might just steal her away from you" Mikey said.

"No you will not!"

Layla reaches up to play with Michael's now silver-white hair. She seemed to be really enjoying herself.

"She likes my hair. I got her approval!" Mikey cheers happily.

I put my hand over my face and try not to laugh.

"Give her to me" Cal said.

Michael hands her to Calum. She immediately reaches for Calum's face. She hits him with her little hands softly.

"Ow, I can already tell that she's gonna be a fighter." Calum told us all.

"I don't think she likes you."

Cal makes a weird face at my daughter and she squeals. He hands her over to Ashton. Ash cradles her in his arms and I smile. We all go downstairs. Ash still was holding Layla. We sit down on the couch. Luke wraps his arm around my shoulder. I lean into him.

I look over at Layla, who was now playing with Ashton. He smiles down at his little niece happily. He laughs at her and she laughs back at him. Layla's just so cute. She seems to be having fun with her Uncles. She grabs Ashton's lips a pushes them together.

"Layla, no little one!" Luke giggled.

She then tries to squeeze Ash's cheeks. But she fails at it miserably.

"She's the cutest thing ever!" Ashton tells Luke and I.

"She looks like me. That's probably why she's so cute." Luke says very coincidently.

"Wow really?" I look at him.

"I'm kidding babe."

"She does look like you though" I replied.

"She really does" Cal said.

"She's like a girl version of Luke" Mikey said.

"She's exactly that. They're both hard to handle." I decide to make a joke.

The boys all laugh and I see Luke pout. Ashton gives me a high-five.

"Nice one!" Ash said.

"That hurt, Harmony." Luke looks at me, still pouting out his lips.

I kiss his lips sweetly and he easily forgives me.

"I love you."

The boys leave the house after awhile of us all hanging out.

(The end of this chapter.)

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