Chapter | 11

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The four most important family in the Supernatural universe:
Schliemann: Family that rules over Ghosts.
Lí: Family that rules over Vampires.
Shinji: Family that rules over Shifters.
Levough: Probably the most powerful family above all those who were mentioned. Not Royal, or Diplomats; just simply, a Mafia.


Mahiro joins Shen on the floor, truly feeling bad for the guy who is crying and begging to be taken home. But, their homes are not safe as of now. In fact, Japan doesn't seem to be safe for any Diplomatic children right now.

"You're..." a topic, quick... "You're really different than the Shen you show everyone at school."

Shen didn't answer and just keeps his head buried against his arms, knees against his chest.

Mahiro attempts to lift the mood by telling him, "Ahh, you look so different from the rest too. I couldn't help but stare hard when I first saw you. I thought you were scary... intimidating. But then, I remember my brothers. Adan is gentle, and Kelvin is always calm as long as he has candy. I took my time to observe on what kind of person you are."

No answer, except Shen's sniffs which are lessening. It means he is distracted from crying, and is now listening. Mahiro happily states, "Ahhh, I find you so cute when you're fighting with Ouji-senpai in school. I was always looking your way, Shen-chan. I couldn't believe I can't stop looking at you."

"... and when the rumors of you having a crush on me came by, I wanted so much to confess to you. But, I got nervous because that was only a rumor. I wouldn't want you to reject me if you're actually straight and the girls are just shipping for fun," Mahiro sadly smiles, reminiscing his attempts at approaching Shen, possibly to confess.

Shen now lifts his head slightly up, peeking at Mahiro whose school necktie is loose around his neck. The handsome Ghost tells him, "Yet, when we finally got the mission to protect the Prince of Shifters, you were the first one I ever thought of. The only Alpha in school. I really thought you were a Shinji... so I took that opportunity to approach you."

"... what?"

"I used our mission as an excuse to hangout with you," Mahiro confesses. "Since I also don't want to be torn between my comrades and you; I thought maybe it'll work out between the four of us, if ever the others fall for you too. I don't mind; I'll do anything just to be with you."

Mahiro at the Diplomatic party told his brothers Adan and Kelvin; "Try not to fall for Shen! His charm is dangerous, you know. But if you do, I wouldn't really mind~"

"We're here to watch him, not seduce him, idiot," said Kelvin back then.

"What better way to watch him than to keep him with us? Or better, keep him in bed?" Mahiro cheekily suggests while fantasizing about the scenario.

Adan just scoffs at the youngest, amused. "You really are serious when you said we'll do everything together, huh Mahiro?"

"Duh, we're sworn brothers." And in reality, Mahiro couldn't do anything without them. He has always feels so incomplete unless he's with Kelvin and Adan. The only other person Mahiro ever felt the desire to be with, is Huang Shen, his Senior.

"You actually like me...?" Shen asks with a low voice, "But I'm not the Prince. I'm not the mission..."

"Doesn't matter," Mahiro clicks his tongue and gets closer to Shen, slightly startling the boy. Suddenly, the guy switched up from melancholy to nonchalant in a split second. "Nee, Shen-chan still in danger because you'rr cute àss is still a Child of a Diplomat. And even if you weren't... well, I'll still kidnap you, hehe."

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