Chapter 2: Biology

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Harry hates biology.

If it wasn’t for biology, his silly little omega wouldn't somehow become dependent on an alpha he has met twice and therefore he wouldn’t be currently wallowing in self-pity. If it wasn’t for his pregnancy and his uterus that has crowded pretty much every other organ, including his stomach, he would most likely be wolfing down a bowl of ice cream.

His omega is craving someone who’s nearly a stranger and it isn’t fair. It’s the kind of longing he feels in every cell of his body, it makes his chest feel hollow and his heart achy.

Biology, to be quite honest, is stupid.

It’s Sunday and Louis still hasn’t texted him. It’s been two days. Liam says it’s only been two days, but Harry likes to think it’s already been two days.

Maybe Louis chickened out, just like Liam told him he might. According to Louis himself.


Louis never asked for his number from Liam in the first place and Liam just desperately tried to make Harry feel better. Both seem like very plausible options.

"What do you suggest?" Harry asks and looks down at his belly, rubbing over the top with his thumb, "This is kinda your fault anyway, you stretched your limbs in that tube and poked his back."

Harry remembers Louis turning around, remembers him looking down at his belly with round eyes. He remembers how he smiled and after that smile, Harry was already gone. He had never seen a more beautiful smile, or a face in general. He has seen and even dated alphas, betas, omegas… But none of them compared.

He cradles his bump with both hands, "If you didn't, I wouldn't have even talked to him. You know what that means? I wouldn’t be sitting on my bed right now, daydreaming after someone I might never see again.”

Harry sighs and lets his head drop against the wall behind his bed. Absent-mindedly, he keeps rubbing his belly, “We wouldn't have had ice creams in that hot as fu- Hot as sun, park later that day and rushed to the nearest mall because you decided to dance on my bladder. He wouldn't have held onto my waist in the escalator with the poorest excuse of 'Just in case you lose your balance again, bambi'. Pfft, I can stand on my own."

He proved that in the tube, after all.

It's so ridiculous how quickly they found a connection. It's not just Louis' scent that lures him, it's his entire being. He's so kind and thoughtful. And hot.

“Who am I kidding?” Harry asks out loud and raises his head, looking down at his belly, "He wouldn't have walked me to the tube station and then home. Said he wanted to make sure I was safe and trust me, I might have wanted to smack someone else for saying that because I can take care of myself, especially now when I’m carrying you. But I wasn’t even annoyed when he said that.”

Harry of course doesn’t mind when alphas that he knows, offer to walk with him in order to keep him safe. It’s not as appreciated when a person he barely knows offers the same. It feels insincere, like they have some kind of ulterior motives themselves. As sad as that is.

But Louis never gave that kind of vibe.

“I invited him in because I don’t know. We watched bad trash TV. And what happened then… I'm not going to tell you about it," Harry says firmly and gently taps the side of his bump, "You're not going to be thinking about such things until you're older. Much older."

As for himself… He's been thinking about such things a lot since last Monday when he bumped into Louis on that tube, but especially since Friday night. He can’t put into words how amazing it felt to have someone just touch him, let alone fuck him.

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