me, selena and demi burst out laughing.


"really mom?"

"what? isn't that what you call it?"

"yes but when you say it it sounds weird." i said and chuckled.

"actually i was going to head out before but i woke up late. you guys wanna tag along?" i asked them all.

"uhhh...sure. why not?" mom said and smiled.

selena smiled too, "great. i'll get my clothes on and my board. i'll teach you some moves." i said and winked at selena.

she blushed and smiled.

i ran into the closet and put on maroon short shorts, black crop top and a maroon, OBEY snapback with a white lip.

i put on my black high tops and grabbed my black helmet and my black pro skateboard with DYKE written across it on the bottom in red.

i grabbed my other board which is my PRO Skateboard with a heartagram painted on it in white.

i walked back out, "ready?" i said and smiled.



"selena! you just have to keep your feet on the board!" i said and laughed at her.

"i'm trying! it's hard! you do it!" she said and smirked.

i rolled my eyes, "okay. fine. watch and learn babe." i said and got my skateboard.

i started out jusst riding but then started doing tricks.

i did a backside 180 spin and a kickflip all in one motion.

then i went on a rail and at the end of it i flipped my board in a 360 spin and landed on it perfectly and baorded back to selena, demi, mom and ezra.

"sam that was amazing! how did you learn to do that?" mom said as she came over with mandi.

i smiled, "it just comes to me."

demi and selena were standing there with there mouths wide open.

"hey! yo sam! come grind on the bowl!" micky called me over.

he's one of my close buds.

"coming micky!" i shouted back.

"duty calls." i said and kissed selena.

i ran and jumped on my board and as i was boarding i put my right foot infront of my left and alternated.

i jumped into the bowl head on and went up one side and grabbed the edge of the bowl with one hand and my board with the other and twisted my body 180 and landed perfectly.

everyone formed around the bowl and started cheering.

i went to the other side and flew up it, grabbing my board and landing, going around and popping it to the lip of the bowl and grinding for a good 5 seconds and dropped.

everyone screamed and cheered.

i saw selena and mom on the other side smiling and cheering.

i went over to them and went up the ramp, in the air and grabbed my board, doing a flip and kicking my foot out then landing.

"ONE MORE!" i screamed and everyone cheered.

i laughed and picked up my speed.

i went up the ramp and skidded across the top on my sneaked and lifted my board with my other foot and my hand. i popped the board up and jumped back on it and went back down to get up to the other side and pop the board into my hands.

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