1- 'The same mesmerizing blue eyes.'

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' The same mesmerizing blue eyes.'

His resemblance to her was beyond immaculate. He had the same messy black hair. The same beautiful and mesmerizing ocean eyes. Everything about him made me feel uneasy.

He had this intoxicating scent that made my heart flutter and I couldn't take my eyes off him. His eyes started to water as he stared at me with this look of fear and regret.

I watched as he whimpered against the tape that covered his mouth. I had this unexplainable urge to protect him and make him stop crying.

I signaled for my men to take the tape off his mouth. Ethan, my underling stepped forward and gently took the tape off his mouth. But I guess Ethan's gentle, isn't gentle enough. Since he left a small cut on his bottom lip.

He coughed and then gave Ethan a glare. His glare wasn't intimidating, instead he looked like a vulnerable mess. "What the fuck? " He questioned angrily, but the fear in his voice was still very visible to me.

" Watch your language." I warned in a low tone. I didn't tolerate bad language from anybody, no matter the person. Usually I would have had my underling punch him by now. But I felt I couldn't hurt him even if I wanted to.

I studied him, there was nothing special about him. He looked way too frail for a male. Too muscular to be a female. But still he felt special. I continued staring at him until he submissively gulped out of fear.

"What happened ?" I asked my men, quickly snapping out of my annoying thoughts and becoming weary.

" We saw him trespassing into your mansion. He tried to hide in the inflatable bounce house but we caught him. He went quiet after I asked him why he was trespassing." Ethan quickly answered, making me tilt my head.

It was suspiciously weird. He was the first person to even get close to trespassing and yet he managed to make it inside. I started to look at him like he was a piece of trash, but the way he stared at me made that impossible. I found myself softing my expression, but I couldn't help my thoughts.

He tried to hide in the inflatable bounce house? It didn't make any sense, because the bounce house was see-through. Unless he was looking for someone who he thought would be in the bounce house. My eyes widened at the realization and I felt my heartbeat drop.

" Keep him down." I ordered as I exited the living room. I silently hoped that I was wrong because if I was right. I don't know what I would have done or become. I ran up to our room and my heart began aching.

I opened the door and saw that the room was empty. All I saw was his teddy bear. My heart raced and my thoughts darkened. My son didn't go anywhere without his teddy bear. He didn't even wake up without crying for me.

I heard the familiar sound of someone softly sobbing and I ran back out of the room. My eyes widened as I realized the sound was coming from the living room. I went back to the living room where my fists clenched at the sight.

I found my son sobbing at the sight of the man being held down. I glared at my men to stop. They let him go but stood around him so he couldn't escape.

I grabbed Liam's little hands and pulled him back outside of the living room. He didn't do very well around strangers and he especially did not need any more trauma.

Pic of Liam

"Papa, where's mama?" Liam suddenly asked, sending me in a state of shock

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"Papa, where's mama?" Liam suddenly asked, sending me in a state of shock. 'Why is he suddenly asking me that? Does he still miss her?"

Liam made a grabby grab motion with his hand and I picked him up. He snuggled into my chest and I tried to keep an emotionless face.

" She's in a better place, I promise." I whispered and Liam shook his head. I felt horrible, he was still too young to understand.

" Isn't she right in there?" He said pointing at the living room. I knew he meant the guy that trespassed. Because for a second, I too thought I saw Liam's mother. But, I then realized it was just a guy who looked exactly like her.

The same shiny black hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. Liam was destined to mistake him for his mother.

" That's not your mother. That's a man." I said and Liam clung his little hands to me. Liam looked into my eyes and I could see his brown eyes fill with tears. He sniffed and tried to hold back his tears. There was a moment of silence as I thought to myself ' Why did God give him to me? I don't deserve him. '

Liam should have been able to grow up with a mother's love, but getting a girlfriend was too much trouble.

" Daddy." Liam whimpered and I shook my head. "I can do anything for you but that. " I said, trying to reassure him.

" What if your men hurt him?" Liam said as he continued sniffling. I had a feeling I couldn't hurt him even if I wanted to.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure he's safe and sound." I promised before kissing him on the cheek.

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Omg, I can't believe I just published the first chapter. I had so much fun writing this story and sharing it with you all is kind of a dream. This story is soo precious and heartwarming, maybe that why it's so dear in my heart. This story was actually inspired by the cliche of 'A man's child mistakes another women for their mother.' The twist ? The man is a part of the mafia and the women ' or in this case a man' is a werewolf. Ngl I really debated Making Ace some rich CEO billionaire.

Anyways thanks for reading. 1:52 pm.

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