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First of all, before you read the disclaimer, I changed the name of this book from "Ni Hao, My Friend!" to "Strange Land".

Second of all, this story is really cringy and a small part of me hates it with a burning passion (if I could, I would ssak da bultaewora) bc I wrote it when I was like 14 years old or something (back when my writing style was shit). 

So if you start to think this is a cliched cringe after a few chapters, I don't blame you. In fact, I feel the same. As much as I hate this book, I still want you to give it a chance.

Okay, you may continue.


China or Wang Yao or anyother Hetalia character does not belong to me. They belong to Himaruya Hidekaz. Only the story belongs to me. I made the cover.



You, a young half American and Japanese girl, recalled the time when you were adopted by a rich couple.

You were thirteen years old back then. Now, you are a healthy, nineteen year old girl who lived a luxurious life.

You had siblings. A younger sister and an older brother. Your sister never respected you because you were adopted. On the other hand, your older brother loved you a lot.

Even though you had a family, siblings and a good life, you were still lonely. That loneliness roared like a lion inside you. You craved someone's love.

You were loved, but it wasn't the one you were looking for. That kept you continuously sad and gloomy. A smile on your face was rarity.


One day, your adoptive father called you to his office. You went to office and he asked you to sit down in front of him.

You looked at him and felt that something was different. It was as if he didn't want you anymore. You were not sure, so you decided not to jump into conclusions.

He spoke with a smile,

"____, I have something that you're definitely going to love! Is it okay if I blindfold you?"

You, being the girl who loved surprises, agreed. So, your father took a white piece of cloth and tied it on your eyes.

Was the negativity floating in his eyes my imagination?

You shrugged it off and waited for the surprise. Suddenly, a cloth with a sweet smell was shoved in your face.



You recognized the smell immediately and fell unconsious. Even so, you vaguely heard your father,

"Send the girl to China and never bring her back!"

China? Why am I going to China? Why am I never coming back? Does this mean I'm...exiled?


 To be Continued-


☆ Rewritten ☆

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