“Eliza ..What happened ??” a confused looking Charlotte runs out from nowhere and is now standing infront of me panting. She is accompanied by an equally worried Winston who’s holding a sleeping Annabelle.

“We..we.. were walking this way..when we heard someone yell and.. Oh my God!! Ryan!! .. what happened to you!!” Charlotte yells when she sees Ryan behind me.

“Ryan and One Direction had a fight..Charlotte can you please drop me home..I’m really tired” I state flatly without giving her any of the details of the scene which took place a few minutes ago.

You see I don’t have to explain as she can very well read every little detail of today’s “fight club” episode in tomorrow’s newspaper and can even watch it for herself on the news. She looks from me to Ryan and then nods her head at him like she understands and turns. We walk to the Red Mini Cooper once again and stuff ourselves in our seats.

The entire ride goes in silence. I notice Ryan looking at me a few times but I ignore him as I stare outside the window. The Cooper stops in Mum’s driveway and as I open the door I hear Charlotte’s voice once again.

“Ellie.. you sure your gonna be ok?” she turns around.

“Ya.. Thanks. Goodnight” I nod my head and get out.

Halfway to the front door I hear another door open and shut and. I turn around to see Ryan walking towards me and Charlotte’s car leave the driveway. Without saying anything I turn back around and open the front door with Ryan following me.

I walk straight into the kitchen for a glass of water. I pull the beanie from my head and throw it on the kitchen island. A pink post-it note catches my eye on the refrigerator door. I remove it and find a message on it

“We’re at Sophia’s grandson’s birthday party.

Forgot to tell you. There’s lasagne in the fridge. –Mum”

I crumple the note and shove it in the trash can. Ryan walks over to the sink and washes his hand as I make my way back to the fridge and retrieve a bottle of water. That’s when I notice that his knuckles are also bloody and injured. I sigh as I place the bottle back inside and shut the refrigerator. Without a word I walk out to the bathroom and return with the first aid box. I see Ryan seated on a chair by the island. I walk to him and place the first aid box on the island. I open the box and pull out an alcohol swab. I take his injured hand and start to wipe his knuckles with the swab.

“Thanks” he says as I throw the used swab and wrap his hand in bandage. I don’t respond as I walk to the sink and wash my hands.

“That was uncalled for..” I say as I turn and look at him.

“But..I was just trying to protect you and they started it” he protests.

“I don’t need you to protect me! I can take care of myself! I don’t want anyone to fight for me!” I yell in exasperation.

Ryan remains silent. I stomp to the fridge and pull out a bottle of water and gulp it down. I screw the top back and place the bottle back in the fridge. I close the door but I don’t face him feeling guilty for yelling at him. He’s right he was just trying to protect me. I don’t have to be rude to him. He never did anything wrong.

“Sorry” he whispers and I look up to see him. The area around his right eye looks injured and there are a few small scratches on his left cheek. As soon as I look into his light blue eyes full of regret I feel even more guilty. Care- that is all I can see in his eyes. How much he cares for me. This guy here cares for me so much he even took a beating for me and I have still not given him the answer to his question.

“No..Ryan.. I’m sorry” I say softly as I walk towards him and stand infront of him.

“Ellie..” Ryan gets up from the chair.

“Please.. just listen to me.. Ryan I’m sorry. Everything that you had to go through because of me.. I’m sorry. You’re a really great friend Ryan but this is my mess. I can’t drag you into it. I need to sort it out on my own. What happened today cannot happen again, I won’t let it happen. I won’t let my family and friends suffer the consequences of my mistake..”

“Ellie... It’s not your fault..” Ryan says.

“No..It is my fault.. How could I let things get so out of hand.. But now I wanna make things right.. I don’t know about Zayn and whether or not or when he’ll stop his crazy acts.. But I do know that I can’t and I won’t drag you in this..” I say.

“But Eliza you know how I feel about you..” Ryan starts to say and this is the moment when I need to get it all out.

“Ryan.. Your my best friend.. but I can’t.. I only like you like a friend... I’m sorry” tears well up in my eyes as I look at Ryan’s face.

His face becomes expressionless as soon as my words register in his mind. He just stares at me without saying anything. I can see he’s trying to hold back the tears just like me. The faint ticking of the wall clock is the only sound audible. I don’t know for how long we stayed like that.

Without a word he takes two steps back and then walks past me out of the kitchen. I hear the front door open and close in the distance. I sink down to the floor and sit cross legged and lean onto the lower part of the island. I drop my head in my hands and I do the one thing I hate to do, I cry.


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