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Breathing the same air as Isaac Harris had been hard for Natalie since the first time he cheated on her. So as he stood in the middle of her brand new house, she found herself breathing so slowly, like a deep breath would be that she would get infected by him. Again.

"I missed my little panda." Isaac had been hugging his daughter for the last five minutes.

After a brief talk with Natalie at the hospital, she had let him come to her house to see Amber. Amber always had a soft spot for her father and no matter what she was saying to Natalie, her mother knew that she was hurting a lot with the ways things turned out.

She hadn't seen him in two months. And during that time she had barely spoken to him. For reasons Natalie couldn't quite understand. Especially since the way he was acting in that moment showed that he had missed his daughter. 

"I thought we agreed that you will stop calling me that because I am not 8 anymore." Amber complained at the nickname. A couple of years back when she was younger, she had an obsession with pandas. So much that her room was filled with stuff pandas, some big, some small. It was chaotic. Both parents went along with it until the obsession quieted down. Now her room was full of posters of bands and actors neither of them knew of.

Isaac laughed and wrapped his arm around his daughter's shoulder. "So tell me, how's everything here? Do you like Seattle or do I need to take you back to San Francisco?" He joked making Natalie narrow her eyes at him. She was sitting at the couch opposite of them observing quietly.

Amber laughed awkwardly hoping that a fight wouldn't break down between them as soon as she saw her mother's hard look. "Seattle is nice and the new school is fun. It's actually really refreshing that I am not seeing the same people anymore." Amber's life at her previous school was pretty harsh as she had to put up with too many mean students at once.

"I'm glad honey. But remember your room is right there if you ever want to return. If either one of you ever want to return." Isaac gave a pointy look at Natalie who was now bouncing her leg up and down. Annoyed.

"Okay, um, you said you were taking me for dinner so I am going to get ready. Mom will you come with us?" Amber asked hopeful.

"No, honey, I am going to sleep early, I had a long day today." She didn't want to disappoint her, but going to dinner just the three of them would mean that Amber would get her hopes up about them being a family. But Natalie and Isaac were her mother and father. They were always going to be her family, just separately. And the teenager had to actually deal with that sooner or later.

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