A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (15) Part 1

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Man I'm not feeling to hot my head is pounding, and my stomach feels extremely queasy. Then all of a sudden I become dizzy and the room seems to spin. I instinctively grab onto Will trying not to fall.

"Whitney, Whitney what's wrong." But his voice starts to fade. I'm trying desperately to keep my eyes open, but with how I'm feeling I just want to relax. So I let go, to let darkness consume me.


Whitney's (Pov)

I begin to wake from a dreamless sleep, and feel something cold and wet pressed to my forehead.

I slowly open my eyes to only be met with darkness. I also notice that I'm lying on something firm but to soft to be ground. I'm a little confused so I sit up to see where the heck I am. It's just too dark to see anything, I feel a blanket draped over me which was kind of itchy.

I pat around me and feel what I think is a mattress. I must be on a bed, but how I mean I remember feeling really sick, and my head killing me and then.

Then Will calling my name, I must have fainted. I've never fainted in my life before. But I guess there's a just time for everything.

"Whitney is that you?" a voice whispers.

This makes me jump slightly in surprise.

"Yes, Will is that you?" It sounds like him.

"Yeah, hold on a second okay?"


I can hear him shuffling around, and then a small glow soon lights the room in soft candle light.

I also notice I am in fact lying on a small bed in a very cramped room. It looks more the size of a closet then a bedroom.

I then turn my attention to Will who is sitting on a bed similar to the one I'm lying on. The two beds take up most of the space in the room so there is only about a foot between each other.

"How are you feeling, you've been out for a while." Will asks concern fills his voice.

"I feel fine now, wait how long have I been out?"

"Uh, well kind of the whole day."

"What! The whole day, that's why it's so dark, causes its night?"

"Yeah, I say it's about two or three in the morning somewhere around there."

"Jeez, I can't believe I fainted, and for that long. Where are we?" I look around again. I notice rough worn wood covered walls.

"Well after you fainted I carried you on bored Calder's ship. He let us use this room, than he had, um well, I guess one of his slaves take a look at you. They said you would be fine, that you had a slight fever, and might be dehydrated. So we gave you some water, and um well they changed your cloths." He had started rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

I quickly look down after he said that, and indeed someone had changed me into a simple long sleeved black shirt, and what seemed like sweatpants. This then brought another question to mind.

"Um was this slave (which made me sick to say) a girl by any chance." I'm kind of embarrassed to ask.

"Oh, yeah of course, you think I would let some strange guy change you?" He chuckles slightly at my embarrassment.

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