Tom Riddle's Diary - Rose

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My first day was great until the evening. I had herbolgy (Professor Longbottom), Defence agaisnt the dark arts(Professor Green) who was out of the class for most of the period) , transfigarution (Professor Mcgonagal) and charms. Professor Flitwick laughed with delight when I came into the class for charms.

"Ahh! Hermonie Granger's daughter!," he exclaimed "Brillant at charms she was, do you think your as good as her?" he asked hopefully.

"Emm well I'll try..." i replied unsure. I sat beside Julia in this class.

"Dad says Professor Flitwick was the charms teacher when he was here, he must be really old!" Julia said giggling. I joined in. "Think how old Professor Mcgonagall is !"

I sat with Amy and Christine at dinner that evening. we were talking about how we couldnt wait until quidditch lessons start when Al came running up to me.

"Hi Al," i said smiling,"want to sit with us?" Albus looked at me with panic in his eyes, he kept on glancing over at the slytherin table. "No, no i need to talk to you, like now." he replied speaking really quickly. Usually Albus isnt rude like this so i knew something was wrong. i said goodbye to Amy and Christine and folllowed albus out of the great hall.

"Whats wrong? i asked.

"Have you unpacked your bags yet?" he asked. This was a bit random.

"No, I was goin to this evening why?" i asked. He hestitated.


"Al tell me whats wrong," So he explained to me how he had got lost and overheard Malfoy's conversation. I gasped as i realised i had a ex-horcorux in my bag. We sprinted up to the ravenclaw common room(though we got delayed by answering the knockers riddle,Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?) and into my dorm.

I found my bag and I cautiously put my hand in it. I grabbed the black book that i hadnt noticed and placed it on my bed. I knew Uncle Harry had killed the piece of Voldermorts soul in it but I still felt his presence.

Me and Albus stared at it for a while.

"What i dont get," I said eventually," is how Malfoy got it in the first place, was it not in Dumbledores office?"

"Could his dad Draco Malfoy got it somehow?"i got my copy of "The Boy Who Lived" as Albus spoke. I flicked to the chapter of the final battle. "Or maybe Lucuis Malfoy got it?" i replied. Albus shrugged his shoulders.

"It doesnt really matter because we're taking this straight to Professor Mcgonagal aren't we?" he half asked, half annonced.

"Yeah ..Yeah of course, lets go right now." so we did. We knocked on her door and she smiled. "Hi Albus and Rose, how can I help?" I hestitated.

"Can we come in, its really important?" so she let us come in. Around her desk was the  portraits of previous headmasters, Dumbledore among them. He smiled down on us fondly. "Hello," he said kindly. I breathed exictetly.

"Hello sir, I'm Rose Jane Weasley," I replied and because Albus was staring around in awe i said,"and this Albus Severus Potter."

"Severus Potter?" asked another voice. I looked up and Severus Snape was sitting in his potrait above us looking quite touched.

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