Ideas for Librarians to Promote Better Technology Behaviour.

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Ideas for Librarians to help promote better behaviour.

Define a common set of behaviour rules for the LRC

Example of options:

a.       Phones to silent

b.      Bluetooth enabled

c.       Leave the area to use voice

d.      Texting is allowed, but keep key noises off.

Define a common set of discipline procedures for breaking the rules.

Example measures might be..

e.      Warning

f.        Confiscation of phone for half a day

g.       Confiscation of device for one day

h.      No FREE access to the organisation’s WiFi

Promote these with all the curriuculum groups

Promote these through induction.

Schedule short mobile technology awareness session.

Call them something vauguely interesting to students, like “Mobile Mob Session”   “Mobile Tricks”   “MMM – Making the Most of Mobile”. These are short 20 minute session scheduled regularly throughout a term where students are encouraged to come along to a study room and learn something new about

·         using their phones more effectively,

·         sharing tips

·         understanding good technology ettiquette,

·         understanding good safeguarding practice

Ideas for these sessions could be:

1.       Choosing your next mobile (Invite a vendor or two in to show and tell?)

2.       Contracts – PAYG or Contract?

3.       ‘Chat ‘ on your phone. Get it to work

4.       Bluetooth – Receive lesson summaries from the LRC to carry on your phone.

5.       Revision Aids on your phone – How to use Flash Cards on your phone

6.       Phone accessories to help with studies – Bluetooth Keyboards, Microscope Camera (for iPhone), Bluetooth headsets (invite a vendor in to demonstrate?), Portable Speakers,

7.       Subject Dictionaries and Google search from your phone

8.       Using eBooks on your phone.

9.       Carrying Course Reading Lists and Notes on your phone (using Wattpad).

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