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This chapter has a lot of jumps in it just so you know.

Fatima POV
Ever since I told them the news we have been so excited that we went out and bought baby clothes and since we don't know if its going to be a girl or boy we bought both. Abby and Liam came back from their honeymoon and they are so happy together. Zayn and Julie have been planning their wedding and its in a few weeks.
I am now 5 months and today me and Louis are going to the doctor to find out the gender. Lou is so excited that he woke up at 6 am.
Me and Louis arrived at the doctor and we got called in.
"Hello Mr and Mrs Tomlinson are you ready to find out the gender" I looked at Louis "do you want to know?" he nodded and held my hand tighter. The dr made me unbutton my shirt, exposing my round belly. She put the cold gel in my stomach. She ran the little thing across my stomach and the picture came up. "Well theres the baby, hear the heartbeat" Louis and I nodded, smiling. "Ready?" me and louis nodded again.
"So your baby is a...GIRL!" Louis jumped up and cheered
"I'll leave you two alone" she said smiling and handing me napkins. She shut the door and I wiped the gel off. Louis was dancing in the corner of the room. "I'm guessing your happy with the results?" louis nodded and picked me up
"Oh my god were having a girl, she going to look just like her mother" louis said. I laughed
"I can't believe this" I said smiling.
"So we need a name" louis said in the car
"Well I quite like Dakota" I say
"Yeah that's nice" he nods
"And you can pick the middle name"
"Dakota Rose Tomlinson" I smiled and nodded. He pulled in the drive way.
"We have news!" I screamed when we got in the house. Everyone raced into the living room and watched me and louis.
"Our baby is going to be a.... GIRL!" me and louis say at the same time.
"We're gonna be aunts" the girls said hugging me. Everyone group hugged louis and I. I felt something in my stomach and smiled "the baby is kicking" they all carefully took turns feeling my stomach. Louis kept his hand on it the whole time and smiled
"Our kid is actually in there" I nodded and sat on the couch.
"I'm hungry" I blurted out. As I began to stand up Louis stopped me "I'll get it"
"Thanks Lou" he brought me back some crackers and peanut butter. I ate them quietly
"I can't wait we're going to help you with everything" Diana said
"Yes and you have to have a baby shower" Julie said
"And we will also help you decorate her room" Michelle says
"We need to go baby clothes shopping" Abby said
"Thanks and yeah we will get to all that soon" I smile at them.

*next day*
So the girls were super excited that today we are going clothes shopping and they wouldn't take no as an answer. But I'm honestly really excited too.
"C'mon Fatima" someone says from down stairs
"Coming" I yell back
"Lets get shopping" Julie says
We got to the mall and the first shop we went in was ZARA and we went to the baby's section. We got a bunch of little onesies. I can't believe I'm actually buying clothes for my baby girl.

Sorry it's short but I hope you liked it. I'm also writing another book and I will publish it soon if your interested.

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