Chapter V : Five Awkward Silences

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Chapter Five : Five Awkward Silences

"She's my girlfriend."

She's his girlfriend. Jean felt a pit in his stomach tighten. Marco felt heat rush to his cheeks. What the fuck? Why did I say she was my girlfriend? You're so fucking stupid Marco!

Jean struggled to accept the information. It just didn't feel right. But what did he know? His memory was gone and Marco wasn't one to lie. And he could see how he would be able to land a girl like her. Marco wasn't at all unattractive, and this girl. She made the elves in The Lord of The Rings franchise look like toads. Swallowing his pitiful disappointment, Jean gave Marco a small smile. He hoped this girl made him happy. God knows Marco deserves it. A quiet and awkward silence blanketed the area around the counter.

"So what's her name?" Jean finally broke the awkward tension. "(F/n) (L/n)." An uncomfortable Marco couldn't look at Jean in the eye. He saw a moment of hurt flash before his eyes, even if it was just for a second. Maybe Jean didn't understand, but he knew. God he knew everything. He was so sick and tired of lying to everyone. "(F/n)...." The name rolled off so easily on Jean's tongue. It felt right coming from his lips. "Yeah." Silence once again.

"Want to go for a walk? It's getting pretty stuffy in here." Marco coughed. Jean's eyes stared at his hands before mumbling response. "Jean?" Marco rose an eyebrow. "I said sure, want to go downtown?" Jean looked his friend in the eyes. "Sounds good!" Marco gave a hesitant thumbs up to his friend before bouncing off into the hallway.

"Hey Marco, since when did we know this (F/n) chick?" Jean called after a while. "Freshman year in college, I was in the same English lit course with her." Marco called from his room, rummaging through his closet for a sweater. "How did I meet her?" Jean's voice got closer. Marco felt himself stop and tried to just breathe for a moment. Would this push his friend too far? No maybe not. He just had to tread lightly.

Slowly stepping out from his closet, he was met with his friend's intense eyes. Eyes that demanded an answer. "You guys met at a concert." He said simply. Jean seemed to accept his answer and played with his sling with his uninjured arm. "Hey when am I getting this guy taken off?" He rose his cast. "Next week."

"That's a shame."


"Because then I can't pull the whole will-you-kiss-my-boo-boo bit, when I go hit on girls later."

"Jean." The thought of Jean with someone else felt so wrong with Marco.

"Hey just because you have a steady relationship with the cute girl from college doesn't mean I can't have fun."

"So you admit you think she's cute." Jean's cheeks burned at Marco's amused answer.

"I broke my arm, I'm not blind yo." Marco laughed.

"You're a piece of work Kirschtein." Marco felt something hard hit his side.

"Oh and I want to keep doing that." Jean said as he hit Marco with his cast playfully again.

"You do know it's going to stink when it comes off?"

"Yeah but not as much as your relationship with (F/n)!"


"Bless you." Eren said for the what felt like the hundredth time in an hour as you sneezed again. "Oh shut up! You should be pampering me! I'm injured and my oh so loving boyfriend has gone MIA!" You groaned staring at the boy who was painting your cast. "Don't move!" You answered him with a sneeze. "You know what my mom used to tell me as a kid whenever I sneezed up a storm like that?" Eren got some blue paint.

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