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I smile as I picked up the small piece of paper where I calligraphed my favorite Kpop boyband. The legendary "EXO". I finished another one last night, which is the name of one of my favorite singer-Taylor Swift.

I decided to get my dress from my wardrobe when I noticed that I might get late if I stay too long on my bed.

"Belle? Hindi ka ba magsisimba? Gumising ka na! Hala ka at mali-late ka 'di ka papasukin sa simbahan"

Boses ng kuya ko sa labas na may kasama pang tawa ang tuloyang nagpa-alis sa'kin sa kama.

I need to ask for forgiveness for my sin too. I need to thank God for all the blessings we received, and will going to receive.

Napangiti ako ng makita ko ang kulay pink kong dress with a pair of white flat shoes. Simplicity is the real essence of beauty. I always put that on my mind like how my mother always told me that.

"Hoy Belle! Bahala ka diyan dadaan ako sa simbahan ayaw mong sumabay?"

Dinig kong tanong ulit ni kuya.

"Huwag na! Maglalakad na lang ako"
I simply replied. Nawala na ang mga ingay tulad ng kalabog at buntong-hininga. I know he already left. Natatawa ako everytime I remembered my brother having short temper.

Our barangay screams of simplicity, the basketball court and so as the volleyball court are the evidence, the plain stage beside the court tells exactly how peaceful our village is.

Naririnig kong nananalangin na ang mga matatanda sa loob ng simbahan when I arrived. Church is just walking distance from our house.

"Belle dito ka!"
My high school batchmate whispered when she saw me. I chose to sit beside her kasi wala na rin namang maupuan.

We all rised up when the priest arrived, it's a sin I know, because the priest's assistant literally caught my attention. A pair of serious eyes caught mine. A mask is on his face and his hair is on a clean cut, he is tall, simple and handsome. Well that is based on my observation.

And the mass started that I keep on glancing towards him. And for me to pull my concentration back, I closed my eyes the whole time.

Grabe nakakapanghina. Naiinis ako sa sarili ko, ito ba ang epekto ng pagiging NBSB? O no boyfriend since birth? Marami din namang lalaki sa school but no one caught my attention like what this man did.

I am ashamed of my attitude.

Kaya the moment that the priest announce that the mass is over and so as the song ended. I immediately got up from my seat to go out. But before I did, the priest's assistant smiled. Yes, he smiled. And I don't know why, I am not sure also if he smiled for me. All I know is that he smiled.

Without second thought I go out with my legs shaking and my palms sweating.

Pero teka— ang gwapo niya. I can't deny that fact. He's smile is perfect, a perfect jaw and a tan skin.

I want him to be my destiny.
But will the destiny let me?

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