Chapter 11

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I forgot that Katy would be here too. She was the lead singer after all. Her belly has gotten bigger. It looked like it would explode any second now. I was kidding.
"Hey, guys" she said. Ben and Donna said 'hey' back. Ken just stared at the paper pretended that there was no interruption. James let Katy in, she smiled at me when she saw me. I returned the smile to acknowledged her presence. Ken gripped my waist and pulled me closer, no one seemed to notice but I blushed anyway.
"So, what have you guys came up with?" Katy asked.
James responded instantly "We have came up with a few songs about masturbation and orgasm and it goes like 'I'll rock you and I'll ride you We'll do it everywhere yeah' and the other goes like..." Katy and I both frowned. Ben and Ken scoffed at him while Donna laughed amusingly.
"Jerk." Ben said to James. He continued "We wrote a song. Love song. The fall in love one not the heart break one." Ben said proudly. He handed us the papers "here." he said. I read the first 2 lines when I noticed Katy has been staring at Ken and Ken kept ignoring her gaze though I knew he knew she was looking. I wanted to tell her off, that Ken was my boyfriend but I didn't think I have the right to do so.
"Actually, this one Ken wrote for Kris." Donna said, smiling at me. I jerked up at the sound of name and blushed. I looked at Ken and saw his lips twitched into a smile that disappeared as soon it showed up. Ken didn't deny it which meant it was true. So romantic. I was a super fan of fantasy and romantic stuffs. I rubbed his knee to showed that I really thanked him. He looked at me and smiled.
"So the school's next concert is 2 months away. How will you do by then, Katy?" Donna asked. I didn't quite understand her question but Katy said "She is due 6 weeks from now." rubbing her stomach. "I'll be fine by then. And about releasing our new album? It will still go as schedule right? After graduation?" Katy asked.
"Yes. Which is 5 months from now. We are all prepared. Wait, Ben gave us the cover examples last week. We haven't showed you because you have been very busy." Donna said to Katy with a smile. Their band's name was Pizza Dreams. James came up with that name, though Ken didn't quite approve, he gave in anyway. The cover was designed by Ben, he is the creative one. Their logo also. The front cover was their pictures holding pizza slices. Ken looked so cute in the photo. I was so happy for Ken. It's been his dream all along that he wanted to launch a music album.
"Nice work, mate." Katy shoved Ben. Ben smiled sheepishly. Ben doesn't have much confident in himself or his works, though many people have said he was very talented.

We ate pizza again for dinner. It was so fun. James and Ben were so funny. It was 7pm already when we decided to go home. Ken opened my car door to get in when Katy said "Ken? Can we talk?" Ken glanced at me and nodded. "Alone, please?" Katy added. I felt a rush of anger inside me. Who was she to say that? She's just an ex. The past. But I was curious about what she wanted to say and I was sure Ken would tell me everything afterward. I nodded at Ken to tell him "Don't worry. I'll be fine". He went with her to the other side of the street. They were talking quietly and Ken kept looking down avoiding eyes contact. He still cared. He cared about her even after what she has done to him. He couldn't confront her yet because he still loved her. She touched his arm and he just kept staring at the ground. It looked like she was pleading him for something. I was jealous. She had no rights to do that. I nearly walked over but then I noticed Ken was crying. I felt hurt. I knew he couldn't cut off from her immediately, but it still hurt. Ken nodded and nodded, tears flowing from his eyes.

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