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It was the day of the fair and I was pretty excited.

Our whole friend group was going tonight, and it was the first time where we'd all be back together again after the shit show at the beginning of July.

I was currently sliding my sneakers on though because Vinnie was going to be here soon and we would have to leave early in order to get there at a reasonable time.

"Are you sure you don't want me and Vinnie to take you?" I asked Mila, as I finished lacing my shoe up. "Yeah I'll be fine, I'm actually going with Ryland... he's taking me with him." She smiled, fixing up her hair.

"You have a little crush and I'm here for it." I gush, placing my curly hair under the trucker hat I wore.

"I do not. We're best friends."

"Who wanna fuck." I sing song, making Mila throw a pillow at me that sat on the couch. The door bell rang and before I got to say another word, Mila was already up and running to go see who it was.

"Oh Vinnie and Ryland. What a pleasant surprise." Mila says, making me roll my eyes.

"Hey." Both Vinnie and Ryland say once they see my standing in the living room. "Hey." I say back hugging Ryland and then Vinnie who holds me in for a longer time.

When we pulled away we both wore a smile, and it was the first time I got to take in his presence. He wore a black beanie and a black sweatshirt that covered his semi-tattooed arms. Light wash ripped jeans hugged his legs as a pair of jordan 1's sat on his feet.

"You ready to go? We should be getting ready to go, before it gets packed." Vinnie tells me, to which I nod my head.

"Yeah, let me just get my purse." I say rushing to my room to get it.

"I don't have the address to the place so I'm gonna follow behind you alright?" Ryland asked Vinnie as I came into the living room. Vinnie simply nodded his head before we all made our way out the house and to their cars, that were parked side by side in our driveway.

I opened the door to Vinnie's BMW, getting inside and grabbing my phone out of my bag.

Vinnie got in shortly after and put on his seatbelt before putting his key in to start.

Soon enough we were backing out of the parking spot and driving down the street, with Ryland following behind us shortly.


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cleodoram y'all we going to the fair

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