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Cleo was so beautiful. I sat across from her in the Chick-Fil-A booth as she sat crisscrossed drinking her sprite with her puffy red eyes and nose. I knew that the only other thing that could possibly cheer her up was food, and so I took her here.

Her hair that was once up, was now down in a low bun, but it was covered by the hoodie that she used to conceal her tear stained face.

I know I'm weird for this, but she was beautiful when she cried. I hated seeing her sad but she looked adorable.

And I'm sure she thinks I'm the weirdest motherfucker ever because I'm staring her down right now, instead of eating. "Why are you staring at me." She ask, putting down her drink.

"I just think you look really cute right now." I say honestly.

She scoffs, pulling down her hoodie, and wiping her face with the sleeve of her sweater.

"I've been crying, I have tears all over my face and I'm sure I'm red as a tomato... I look fucking stupid." She replied. "I love how mad you get when I compliment you. Like I genuinely feel like you look like the most beautiful person right now and you'll sit here and fight me on what I see." I laugh.

"Because I know-"

"You don't know anything, Cleodora. You think you know how I feel, but you don't really understand anything because I don't express it." I say, cutting her off.

"Then please enlighten me." She says, sarcasm laced in her voice.

"I think you're beautiful no matter how you look because I find you attractive and I love almost everything about you. I like your snippy attitude, it's not the same as most girls. You're a strong individual whose been through a lot of shit and I just want to be there for you, but you're scared of letting anyone in and I completely understand that."

She sat there looking at me, just listening to everything I had to say and I could tell she was at a lost for words. I could read Cleo better than a lot of her close friends and we've only known each other since February?

"Why do you try so hard with me?" She suddenly asked.

At first I felt like I could answer the question immediately. I mean it's no secret that I like Cleo, she's attractive, funny, smart and beautiful... She has all the quality traits that I like.

But when she asked me that simple question I couldn't answer her.

Why do I try so hard with her?

I could have any girl in the palm of my hands, yet I keep trying to win this girl over and for what?

I couldn't even commit to Megan because I didn't want a relationship but apparently I want one with Cleo? I don't know...

"I-I." I stutter out, not even being able to answer her.

"Forget I even asked." She simply replied, taking a fry from the carton and plopping it into her mouth.

We ate in silence for the rest of the time being there.

When it was time to go, I drove her home and watched as she got out the car, waving me goodbye before I drove off.

On the way home I thought about the question that she asked me and still couldn't find an answer. What do I try so hard for her? How am I supposed to know? I like her yeah, but I don't think my emotions for her run that deep...

I don't fucking know.



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