Train ride back for Second Year

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Third Person POV

Hades, Persephone, Melione, and Amara all shadow traveled to Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

"Have a good school year Amara." Persephone smiled warmly.

"I will mom." Amara smiled.

"And if that blonde fool does something, kill him." Hades said.

"Dad!" Amara protested.

"What?" Melione frowned. "Lockhart deserves it. There's something... wrong and creepy about him."

"Okay fine! And Grandmother Nyx has already given me 'kill him if he does something' talk." the legacy of night pouted.

"Good Grandmother." Hades said.

Persephone slapped her husband over the head. "Ignore him Amara. Have a wonderful second year."

Amara nodded, hugged her family, and then boarded the train.

Scene Change

"Hey guys." Amara greeted warmly to her two friends on the train ride. Aaron was sleeping around her neck while Ebony was also napping in her cage.

"Good to see you again Amara." Blaise smiled. He put away his luggage and sat down.

A while later, Evan appeared. "Hey guys." he said wearily, put away his luggage, and sat down.

"What's wrong?" Blaise frowned.

"The Bratty Duo exists." the son of thieves deadpanned.

"Good point." Amara said. "But let's not let those two ruin are years at Hogwarts shall we?"

Evan nodded and they all began discussing several topics.

Soon, the train stopped.

Second Year had began.

That is today's chapter, I hope you have enjoyed it.

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