Chapter | 10

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War of the Gods: Long ago, humans prayed for the Gods to get rid of the "monsters" aka the Vampires, Ghosts, and Shifters. But, these supernatural species fought against the Gods to save themselves. They sparked a century-long war that led to the extinction of Gods, and the mass murder of their followers. This includes the extinction of Saints, Demigods, Angels, Demons and even mythological creatures.

that night,

"I really expected Mahiro to a gentleman, but you're just a big pervert," Shen huffs just as Mahiro starts the car. Although, Shen is also ashamed that he felt exciting butterflies when Mahiro applied a seatbelt on him, then subtly landing a kiss on the cheeks.

"Awww, can you blame me? Shen-chan's so cute," Mahiro chuckles, now focusing on the road. They're planning to go hang out with the others again, since this is their last day.

Speaking of, "Mahiro... how are the three of you gonna date me if Adan and Kelvin is going home?" Shen looks at him, but strangely Mahiro's smile disappeared and now he looks like something is bothering him. "Mahiro?"

"Hmm? Oh. Oh... uhm, home, yes. Don't worry about the future, Shen. What matters is what's happening now." His tone was cheerful, but his eyes was very weary of the parking lot they've just gone in.

Mahiro is acting weirdly... Shen is confused at the guy's sudden seriously, and slight paranoia. "Is something wrong?"

"Let's go," Mahiro abruptly stops the car in the parking lot of the hotel, his face seemingly looking furious and agitated. But then, he turns to Shen with a big bright smile, "Let's hurry up so we can talk to Adan and Kelvin, they'll be so happy you came with me!"

Mahiro is definitely being weird... Shen exits the car, and Mahiro immediately grabs him by the arm, rushing to get to the elevator. "H-hey! Mahiro, slow down, what is wrong with you! You are acting so weirdly—"

"An Ark," a deep, glitching voice says from behind them, belonging to what seemed to be a ghost. Shen looks back to see a huge man, wearing a face mask that covers his identity. While Shen is confused, Mahiro pulls Shen close as they wait for the elevator to descend. The man says in English, "It's been a while since I've encountered an Ark."

"Shīt," Mahiro curses; gone was his happy façade and it was replaced with pure anger, definitely scaring the clueless Shen.

"Mahiro?!" The man threw something towards them, but Mahiro pushed Shen to the ground to prevent it from hitting him.

All of a sudden, Mahiro threw a rather large and weird-looking gun towards the man, spinning until it hits his chin and flies upwards. Mahiro runs at him grunting, "This would've been fun if you didn't interrupt our special moment, fúcker..."

Shen watches as he flips to catch the gun mid air, before landing his feet on the big stranger's back as if he weighed nothing. Shen watches as Mahiro blows the guy's head from behind, the man falling face fonto the floor with Mahiro on top of him.

"Aiii, I usually prefer they fight me with their intestines spilling out, but Shen-chan might not want to see that, ne?" Mahiro snaps back to his laid back, carefree self, even smiling at the other boy as if nothing happened.

Meanwhile, Shen is frozen. He cannot process what just happened, only that his school crush just blew a man's head off and laughed about it.

"Oh, what is this? Why are you afraid of me?" Mahiro wonders as Shen is literally shaking in front of him. Finally, the elevator arrive as the previous events only happened in a span of 30 seconds.

"Come on, come on! Before others get here!" Mahiro lifts him by the arm and pushes him to the elevator, to where Shen sank to the floor traumatized by the head splatter on the parking grounds.

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