The Psychologists Book of Personality Tests

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The Psychologist's Book

of Personality Tests

The Psychologist's Book

of Personality Tests

24 Revealing Tests to Identify and

Overcome Your Personal Barriers

to a Better Life

Louis Janda, Ph.D.

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Introduction 1

Section I: Personal Barriers

1. How Do You Feel about Yourself? 13

The Self-Esteem Rating Scale

2. How Anxious Are You? 21

The Four Systems Anxiety Questionnaire

3. How Depressed Are You? 31

The Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire

4. Who Controls Your Fate? 37

The Personal Behavior Inventory

5. How Rational Are You? 45

The Survey of Personal Beliefs

6. How Impulsive Are You? 53

The Barratt Impulsiveness Scale

7. How Do You Feel about Your Body? 61

The Multidimensional Body-Self Relations


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