Legolas fights for you

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You stand in your cage that the orcs placed you in as you weep helplessly for Legolas to not fight the army of orcs alone. Legolas chooses to ignore you and you struggle to escape the enclosure around you. Legolas fires all his arrows at the orcs, sending them one by one tumbling off the steep cliff. You really hope Legolas survives, because one you two return to Rivendell, you plan on getting married. All your life, you've been wanting to find the perfect soulmate-that soulmate was Legolas.

"Legolas!" You screech as you continue to shake the cages. "Run!"

"No," Legolas says as he blows a punch at Bolg. "Not without you, my love."

Legolas attempts to throw a punch at Bolg again but Bolg grabs Legolas by the neck and harshly tosses him onto the ground.

You can't stand watching Legolas fight for you. You can't stand watching anyone fight for you. You want to do something, but obviously you can't. You've always been the one who had to help Legolas. Not vice versa.

Punch after kick, Legolas finally had Bolg's head in between his arms. Legolas and Bolg began to stumble over to the cliff with lava screaming to meet whoever falls off the cliff. 

You cry as the Orc army starts to approach Legolas to help, but Bolg refused their aid by using his head to hit Legolas's head. Legolas stumbles back, a bit tipsy from, what just happened. Luckily, your fiancé stopped himself before he could fall off the cliff. You smile.

Legolas looks at you to see if you are okay. He gives you a reassuring smile to say that he is okay too. Then he returns to fight the enemy. Legolas grabs Bolgs arm and with the other hand, manages to grab his sword and stab Bolg in the gut and begins to throw the wounded enemy off the cliff. Bolg cries in defeat and yells,

"Kill the she-elf!" The orcs screams as he himself falls to his fate. You see the army of orcs racing to you. They seem desperate to separate your head from the rest of your body. 

Again, as the orcs race towards you, you see Legolas come to save you. He struggles to kill the 10,00 army of orcs alone. You start to feel tears coming out of the corner of your eyes. You want Legolas to leave you to die here. You didn't deserve to have Legolas's life on the line for you. 

"Go, Legolas! Leave me here!" You scream. Legolas decides to ignore you as he continues to fight the large army of orcs.

You hear Legolas grunt as an orc arrow pierces his chest. And another one after. Just like the death of your dear Fellowship friend, Boromir. 

"Go now!" You scream again at Legolas. You don't want him to be hurt for you. You shake your cage once more and see a little opening that you can crawl through. You finally see an orcs right in front of you. You grab him by the neck and bash his head against the cage bars. Thankfully, the stupid orc's head seemed to be enough for the bars to bend enough for you to get out.

You drop the orc onto the ground and quickly find a spare orc sword to fight with. You try and fight you way to Legolas, but you see him on his knees with four arrows that impaled him. 

You hear the final words of Legolas as he says, "We will meet another time, my love. Live a good life back at Rivindell."  And then Legolas Greenleaf disappears in the crowd of nasty orcs and leaves you alone crying all the way back to Rivindell.

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