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the air surrounded me; cold and uncomfortable, much like it was in the apocalypse. Like that period in time, I am alone. The wind whispered secrets to me as a ran along the path, away from danger.

"Five!" I heard a scream. I whipped my head around to find where the familiar sound called. There was silence, only my breathing disturbing the peace. As I walked the rest of the way trying to catch my breath, I heard the same voice call.

Five! Again my head turned towards the sound. As it did I saw a girl... my heart dropped to my feet, my stomach felt like someone had kicked it. There she was, my Y/n.

I ran, faster than I ever had before. She was really there, y/n wasn't dead. As I got closer I could see she was holding something in her hands.

"How could you leave me... I hate you." The voice of the girl filled my head.

She brought the long knife she was holding and hovered it over her stomach. "Wait!" I shouted, as she plunged it into the same place I had once placed my hands.

"Why should I? You didn't." She mumbled before falling to the ground in a heap.

Suddenly I woke up with heavy breaths. I should've known it was just a dream. They happen more frequently as time goes on. I never really remember the nice dreams; only the bad ones stick with me.

I got out of bed with a huff. I was getting tired of looking for my family. I needed a way to get y/n back. Everyday I tried, but every time I failed.

I had visited Diego, he changed. But that was to be expected.

I closed my eyes, readying to see darkness... nothing. Instead I saw red. The blood of my loved ones on my hands. My eyes popped open quickly as I shook my head trying to get rid of the image that haunted my dreams at night.

I couldn't handle the thought of y/n not being by my side. Her eyes, her smile was what kept me alive, it was what kept me going. And I couldn't even save her. Maybe she deserved to be away from me... I certainly didn't deserve her.

I had thought of every possible way to get her back. It was near impossible, but I'm not giving up, she didn't.

The only thing I'd refuse to do was go to the commission. Seeing the handler was not something I'd be prepared for. But if it's the only way to get y/n back, so be it.

I didn't know how I'd get there. The suitcase Hazel had given to me was destroyed. I was currently trying to fix it. No use.

Equations didn't do the job like it had before. The reason it was all wrong was that I didn't have her voice, piping in every two seconds, asking me what that number meant, or what type of equation I was writing up.

I walked over to my desk... I was in a small room located in Elliots house. Elliot was someone I'd had the pleasure of breaking into his house a while back. He thought I was some alien. Of course I played along to get what I required.

I sat down and started 'playing' with the breifcase... 'Five!' I heard the same scream in my head.

'Stop!' I internally screamed back at the imaginary call. It went silent again. I scoffed, my stupid head, playing tricks on me.

I was now determined as ever to fix the case. If it stopped the endless torture, I'd do anything. I picked up some tweezers and pulled at a blue wire... nothing.

I did the same for the yellow, and then the green. Again nothing happened. With a huff a fell back onto the chair.

There was one more wire. The red one. But it was an unspoken rule... 'never touch the red wire.'

I gave a shrug... without y/n there was really nothing to live for, if she was dead, and there was no way for me to get her back... there was a simple answer.

I sucked in a deep breath. Holding it whilst I brought my tweezers towards the red wire.

As I let go of my final breath I pulled the wire from it's socket. Nothing.

"Fuck!" I fumed. "Useless piece of shit." I threw the irreversibly broken case onto the ground. It fell with a loud crash.

My head fell into my hands. I was never much of a religious guy myself.. but Ive never prayed as much as I had in this very moment. I just needed for her to be alive. 'Please just let me hold her one more time, see her smile for two more seconds.' I repeated that to myself over and over until I realized, that would not bring her back.

I got up in a fume and kicked the briefcase across the room. My head fell back in rage. Suddenly I heard something that could not be mistaken as electricity. Bolts hitting against one another.

I looked towards the disarrayed case and saw what I'd only dreamt about. It had worked. My temper tantrum had finally done some use.

I could see her again. I could hold my y/n one more time... I say that cause this time I will not let go.

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