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Hey, my name is Nehmaya. I am a loner Na'vi on the planet of pandora. Loner you say. Well, i am not completely alone, as i have Eywa and the life of pandora as my family. You may know the Na'vi people, they life in the great tree.They call me the lone stranger as i have never interacted with them, but have seen me around in the forest every now and then during their scoutings. As you know, we are all connected to Eywa, the goddess of life itself. Well, unlike normal na'vi, i grew up speaking, and listening to her teachings, as i grew up without other na'vi people teaching me, i instead learned from the forest itself. I live in the tree od souls, the closest and most sacred tree connected to Eywa. Anyhow, i am different to the na'vi, for i see eywa as my mother and for she, her daughter. So as i grew up i was given gifts from her, for example, i have the power to call the animals, to use her energy to give or take life, control the elements and some i have yet to discover. As a result, my appearance changed. I now have one red eye and one gold eye, my hair goes just bellow half of my tail and has blue streaks and coloured feathers in it and my skin has hues of additional pink and purple to my already blue skin.

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