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It smells like shit, literal shit.

The weight room always stinks. It's just something no one can really explain.

As of now, my team and I, plus Daphne are just lifting weights getting ready for the season. It's my senior year, the last year to leave a mark in this shitty school.

It's my third year as the captain of our hockey team. Since it's my last year, I plan on having the best raging parties, big wins, and the longest movie marathon with my best friend. That's all I want this year. I just want to win the championship for the fourth consecutive year, host the biggest parties, and watch vampire diaries with my best friend.

Is that too much to ask for?

"Ayo," Daphne calls. "You good?"

Daphne has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. I still remember the first time I met her, I called her a "potato sack" for playing hockey and she gave me a black eye. I knew from then on that she and I would be quite the duo.

Daphne has blonde long hair, with big blue-green eyes. She has light freckles on her soft chubby cheeks. Pale skin with rosy cheeks, soft pink plump lips, with the brightest smile that can easily light up a room. She's not too short, not too tall either. She's about 5'7, but she's got legs for days.

She's beautiful, really fcuking beautiful. But what makes her much more beautiful than others, is that she has no idea she's enchanting.

She's not my type, though. I'm into brunettes.

I give her a smile indicating that I'm alright just as Landon announces, " I'm excited for prom,"

The guys immediately stop lifting and gather around Daphne, who is helping me lift, and I.

"Shit, I haven't asked my girl yet"

"Champions go first, assholes"

"It's senior year, guess I'm going"

"I'm a freshman, girls hate me"

"I need advice," Luke turns to Daphne.

"With what," she asks. I can hardly hear her with these bastards talking about prom. We really need to learn to be a little quiet.

"Can yall shut the hell up," she raises her voice. They immediately tone down, most are listening in one what Luke needs from Daphne. God, I love how she can control a room full of obnoxious men.

"How should I ask my girlfriend out for prom," Luke asks. Daphne immediately smiles, she's always had the most beautiful smile ever since we were young. Her lips are so pink and plump, her cheeks are full with a light shade of pink. When she smiles, her whole face moves.

"Simple but sweet," she smiles. "There's many ways to ask someone to room but Kendall," that's Luke's girlfriends' name.

"She's the type of girl who loves flowers, a poster, and in public," she advises. "Write something in the poster that has a deeper meaning only you know,"

"You can even make the team sing a song for her," she adds.

"Hell no,"

"I'm not singing for his chick,"

"No, thank you."

"I'd rather strip,"

I would never in a million years sing for just some girl. The only time you'll ever see me sing for someone, is for the love of my life who I still haven't met. I also can't sing for literal shit.

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