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Happy Travis-versary

(post-Book 1/pre-Book 2)

Manchester: "Oh man, guys, do you realize what day it is?"

Couch: "Thursday. Or did you mean in addition to that?"

Manchester: "It's our Travis Anniversary!"

Sleeves: "No duh. I made you a card."

Manchester: "You did??"

Sleeves: "Of course not. I don't track for anniversaries. It's Pot Chip's job to know when we were married."

Couch: "You are a terrible man-wife."

Couch: "Leif, how are you reckoning this? By the day /you/ met him, or the day /we/ did?"

Sleeves: "Oh, I very well remember the day Leif met him. 'GENTLEMEN. I've *swoon* FOOOOOUND someone!'"

Manchester: "First of all, I'm pretty sure I specified 'someone with a venue'. Secondly, I recall neither booming nor swooning."

Sleeves: "That's a you problem, because there was definite boom-swooning."

Couch: "Harkness thought it was funny you called us 'gentlemen'."

Manchester: "Sleeves thought he was funny treating me like a lovestruck Marius upon meeting Cosette."

Sleeves: "All I asked was, 'Was he hot?'"

Couch: "/Was/ he hot? You evaded answering, at the time."

Manchester: "He was Travis."

Couch: "That's still not an answer."

Manchester: "My initial impression was not 'hot'."

Manchester: "My initial impression was actually delayed, because I was really slow to notice him."

Couch: "Obliviousness kills."

Manchester: "I was distracted by the Bay! You know how it does – with the water and the rocks and the bridge and the birds... I almost walked into a heron, okay?"

Sleeves: "A great blue? Nice."

Manchester: "Right! Then I'm down below the pier, admiring the visual poetry of the support columns – like a leafless grove grown out of the waterlogged sand..."

Manchester: "And amidst that lovely pattern of verticality, my eyes took their sweet time interpreting one of those upright shapes as a man."

Manchester: "I was mortified to think how long I might have been looking right at him without seeing him. But the first I saw, his eyes were smiling at me."

Manchester: "Hot? Possibly not. Beautiful? Absolutely."

Sleeves: "So, the anniversary of the day you got it bad for Travis. Many happy returns."

Manchester: "I did not and do not 'have it bad' for him. There is a whole spectrum of romantic attraction, and that's not where I'm at."

Sleeves: "Okay. Where you at?"

Manchester: "Why you care?"

Sleeves: "Maybe it concerns my position on the spectrum of romantic attraction."

Manchester: "Criminy. I'm surprised you didn't march straightaway to The Battery to challenge him to a duel or demand he declare the honor of his intentions toward me."

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