Chapter 3

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We rode for more than fifty miles. Just like last time we were in the desert. The map lead us to a cave. The key and Echo were in here somewhere.


"Do you hear that?" I say, going deeper and deeper into the cave with a flashlight in hand.

They follow me into the cave, abandoning their bikes like I did with my skateboard. The deeper we got into the cave the darker it got. Then, there he was. I picked him up and dusted him off.

"Well we got Echo. Where is the next piece?" Munch ask. I pull out the phone that has the map.

"Guys, it's over a fifty miles. I think we should crash here tonight."

"We can't! Echo needs our help!" Alex exclaims.

"One more stop and that's it for tonight, Alex. Got that?"

"Yeah!" I roll my eyes and get on my skateboard. We ride for what feels like hours until we see where the next piece is at. It's in an abandoned house.

We walk around the house. The house must be really old. The floorboards creek and the wallpaper is peeling off. We hear a rattle from upstairs and the next piece comes zooming down and attaching itself to Echo. What surprises us all is that the thing opens a bit and we see pink eyes instead of blue.

"Alex, this isn't Echo." Emma says. "What do we do now?"

I shrug, "We ask it twenty questions."

"You're not Echo, are you?" Munch says, it beeps twice. Instead of a blue light it emits a pink light when it beeps.

"Do you need our help?" Alex says. It beeps once meaning yes.

"Are you trying to get back home?" Tuck says, there is silence.

"Are you in extreme danger?" Emma says, it beeps once.

"So, someone is after you?" I ask, it beeps once, "Are there more than one?" It beeps once.

"Do you know Echo?" Alex ask, it beeps once. "Did he send you?" Silence.

We spend hours asking it questions. She had to leave her home planet because if she stayed it would have been destroyed. She crashed on earth looking for help. Now, there are multiple people looking for her including an alien race who dislike her. Earth is now in danger of being destroyed. She has to get back home and fight against the alien race who want to destroy her and her home.

"Alex, we definitely need to crash somewhere tonight. If we don't get some sleep that will put us more in danger." I say.

"If we fall asleep we'll definitely be in danger!"

"Alex, we aren't kids anymore! This is serious! What if we pass out in the middle of the road? We'll be out for a long time! By then the whole world will be destroyed because she didn't return! We have to stay here and sleep we'll figure something out in the morning!"

Alex looked at me defeated. He agreed and we set up the tent inside the house because the whole house was dirty. After a long time I fell asleep.

I felt someone grab me by the arm roughly and drag me along with them. I couldn't walk right. My legs would give every other step. I could tell it was a man holding my arm. He didn't seem to enjoy what was going on. He looked pissed. He had a gun in hand and that's all I could actually see. I heard things blowing up all around me.

"Aurora!" I heard my friends voices say behind me. I turned my head enough to seem them. They were trying to reach me. The man noticed them and picked up his pace.

He decided he wasn't going to get anywhere with me walking, so he picked me up. We were soon out of the building and that's when I finally saw where all the explosions were coming from. Alien spaceships were shooting down on the people who were firing up at them.

The one thing that horrified me the most was when I saw a bomb going towards the building that my friends were still in. The man threw me in a truck with me trying to fight back. He drove off as I saw the building blow up right before my eyes.

I jolt awake. Beads of sweat have formed on my forehead and I know I'm paler than I have ever been in my life. My heart is beating right out of my chest and my head hurts.

"Are you okay? You look pale." I turn my head to see Alex awake, staring at me with worried eyes.

"I'm fine, just go back to sleep." I say, reassuring him. He hesitantly goes back to sleep and I try to do the same thing. It no use.

I get up and out of the tent. I grab my bag that I had put next to the tent. I open it and get out a dagger and a flashlight. I quietly go outside and I look around. My stomach growls.

"Looks like I'm hungry."

I searched for food in the dark until I heard a rattle from a rattle snake. I smirked to myself and got closer to where he was. I stepped on his head and sliced it off. I also sliced the rattle part of the snake. I grabbed the middle part I had cut out and brought it back to the house.

I made a fire and started peeling the skin off. I laid the meat on the fire to cook. I was just about to take it off the fire when the others came out of the house.

"What is that?" Tuck says, making a disgusted look on his face.

I laugh, "It's snake. Here someone hold one end while I cut the other...thank you" Emma grabs the end of snake, whilst I cut the snake. "Here eat it Munch you'll thank me."

Munch hesitantly takes the chunk of snake and bites into it. At first he has a disgusted look on his face then it relaxes into enjoyment.

"It's delicious!" He exclaims, taking another bit of the snake. I cut another chunk for Tuck and another for Alex.

They both enjoy the snake and I cut the snake one last time for me to eat. We all eat the snake and it is good. Best snake that could ever be cooked.

We finish eating and I go back into the house. I put the dagger back in the bag and grab some clothes to change in. I brush my teeth. Changing into a floral blouse crop top, ripped jeans, black combat boots, and a fringed biker jacket. I french braid my hair into two pigtails and put my old clothes back in my bag.

A new day and I'm starting it in the desert where I'm in more danger than I ever was. This is all for Oda. Yes, we are calling her Oda. We are going to save Oda if it's the last we thing we do.

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