Chapter | 9

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Warning: Try it. Romanticize. This is a threat.

Royal families: Each species has one; for the Vampires, China. Schliemann for the Ghosts, Germany. Shinji for the Shifters, Japan. Their home countries serve as a capital for their species, where they are the dominant population in that country.

the day after,

"Shen. Shen-chan. Shen? Huang Shen!" The boy studying in his desk finally snaps out of a daze to respond to his step father, who has a tray of food meant for him. He sighs, "Are you sleeping while sitting up, you better rest if you're that tired."

"No, no I'm not," Shen avoids looking at him, because he feels like he committed dirty, nasty sin and he's undeserving to speak to his parents. "I'm just studying, Dad..."

Doing such affair with Adan... AHHHHHHH, why did I do that?! Why did I let him touch me?! Am I this deprived?! Is this who I've become?! My parents didn't raise me to be like this!

"Then move your stuff for a bit and eat this," his stepdad approaches his table and the boy obeys, putting his schoolwork to the side so the tray can be put in front of him. He usually leaves after, but this time Shen's stepfather stays while clutching something. "Uhm... Shen-chan... do you have a moment, so I can speak to you about something?"

"Hmm? What is it?" Shen looks up at him, shaking off all other thoughts to stay focused. His stepdad seems to be really hesitant, but it had to be said.


"Mommy!" The moment Ryūji came back from school, he engulfed his own father with a gigantic hug that reflected his severe happiness and excitement.

"Ow, Oreo what the hell! I can't breathe!" He wheezed at his son's own embrace. "Wait, what is this about?! Did you get a girlfriend? Did you ask someone out and they accepted?!"

I don't really want to expose my affair with another Prince, but Ryūji is too happy and proud to sit still. He has always shared personal stuff with his father, because they're closer than friends. And so he exclaims, "Yes! I met someone! Ahhhh, I've never felt so alive before, this is what you feel with Dad, right!"

He looks at his son weirdly. "You want to hit and curse your partner?"

"No, Mom! Not like that, but," Ryūji sighs with such lovesick eyes, "I'm the happiest with them.... every second is so exciting when it comes to waiting for them..."

His father doesn't know how to feel about this, but Ryūji panicked when he starts to cry.


Tears start to fall so Ryuji's father caught them with his wrists, "You're in love?! I don't want my little boy to grow up yet! How dare you, turn back into a pup!"

Suddenly, someone entered the sitting room looking all grumpy with a glass of wine in his hands. The Master of the Shinji household grumbles, "Why are the Westerners so loud again?"

Of course, referring to his son being born and adopted from Europe, and his husband being an Asian-American from North America. The latter yells out, "Your son got a lover! His first at 20, kinda late if you ask me, but he's still a kid and he shouldn't!"

"Mom, I'm not a kid," Ruuji whines and pouts. His other father is just rolling his eyes at the inherited dramatic genes.

"Well, that person better not be with you just because of money," the Master sits down on one of the chairs, one of the servants refilling his cups. With their traditional home, there is a table and cushions in the center for formal guests, as the decor is still very conservative.

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