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(Inspired by a friends one shot)

No One POV:

The villains used to babysit Eri when she was with overhall so their living room is still filled with baby stuff they're not the best with kids so they didn't know what people her age do so their was a bunch of baby things. They're just coming back from attacking UA, they kidnapped bakugou AGAIN

"Let me go!" Bakugou yelled getting carried in by dabi over his shoulder

"Where do we put him?" Dabi asked tightening his grip on Bakugou

"We could put him in that" Toga suggested pointing at the baby bounce that was hanging from the ceiling

"No! Tye me to a chair or something just not a stupid baby swing!" Bakugou yelled

"Hmm he seems to hate it put him in it, I mean he'll fit he's small" shigaraki said with a smirk, dabi chuckled and put him in the swing bakugous feet could barely touch the floor

"Awww he's so cute can we keep him?" Toga squealed, bakugou had an angry pout

"He's adorable boss!" Twice cooed

"He is kinda cute" dabi said ruffling bakugous soft hair

"Don't touch me." Bakugou growled

"Hmm where is that pacifier we got Eri when she was here that she was to grown for?" Shigaraki asked smirking at bakugou

"Got it!" Toga said and put the pacifier in bakugous mouth

"Can me and twice give him a makeover pleaseeeeee shiggy????" Toga asked with puppy dog eyes

"Fine Dabi watch them I have work to do" shigaraki said leaving the room, dabi said picked bakugou up and they walked to Eris room that they had for her. Bakugou was struggling and trying to yell but dabi held the paci in his mouth

"Set him on the changing table" toga said and looked through the closet for a outfit

"Dabi could you get him into this pleaseeee" toga said with a smile, dabi rolled his eyes

"Fine." Dabi said and grabbed the outfit and struggled putting it on him he kept trying to hit or kick them, twice did his best to distract him. Dabi changed him into a pull up and light pink onesie that fit him perfectly

"Awwww" toga and twice squealed

"Aw how cute are you" Dabi cooed picking bakugou back up and taking him back to the bouncer, he took the pacifier out

"Let me out of this thing and give me my normal clothes back and why the hell am I in a pull up!?" Bakugou yelled

"No can do baby~ and the pull up is because you're gonna be in the bouncer all day and we don't want you having yet pants" Dabi said chuckling, bakugou tried to look intimidating but he just looked adorable

"I really hate you guys." Bakugou spat

"We love you too" they all said

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