Chapter 59

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Hana got out of her car, walking up the steps of Hisham and Ilham’s house and ringing the doorbell, a giddy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had just come back from her interview, and it had gone wonderfully! They had told her that they had a few other candidates to interview, and would let her know by next month, but that she had a really good chance. 

A nationwide newspaper was considering her!


At first she had been nervous, of course who wouldn’t be?! But soon they started talking about her photography and her writing, and her position at the newspaper she was on now, and they had gotten along wonderfully. They had promised that if she did get the job, she wouldn’t have to move right away, that she could start from where she was and take her time looking for a place. She wondered how her parents were going to handle her having to go if she was hired InshaAllah. 

“Amtu!” Layla exclaimed as she flung the door open, and Hana smiled, bending to kiss her niece on the head. 

“Salaam habibti. How are you?”

“I’m good Alhamdulillah! Baba and Amu Houssam are waiting for you.” The little girl stretched out the ‘o’ in the word ‘you’, wiggling her eyebrows at her Aunt in a teasing way, and Hana groaned. That’s all she needed, was to be made fun of by a five year old.

“Thank you habibti. Where’s Mama?”

“She went with Hamoudi to visit Khaltu Yusra and the new baby. He’s so cute!” Layla squealed before scurrying away, and Hana shook her head with a smile before going towards the dining room. She could hear Houssam and Hisham talking, yet when she appeared in the doorway, they both stopped, and turned towards her. 

“Salaam habibti.” Hisham said with a smile, and as she took a seat next to him, he patted her hand. 

“Walaikumasalaam. Salaam Houssam.” She said quietly, and he flashed her a grin. 


“How was your interview?” Hisham asked, and Hana cleared her throat. She didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up yet. 

“It was okay Alhamdulillah.”

“You had an interview?” Houssam asked, frowning slightly, and Hana nodded. 

“Yeah. Make Duaa InshaAllah things happen for the best.”

“Ameen.” Hisham and Houssam said in unison, and a brief silence fell over the table before Hisham cleared his throat. 

“Alright. Bismillah. Let’s get this started.” He said in a professional tone, and Houssam rolled his eyes.

“Dramatic much Hisham? This isn’t a business meeting.” he said, and Hisham glared at him. 

“Hey. We need to get this straightened out. Everyone is getting tired of your back and forth. We need to make a decision, whether you decide to get married or not.” He looked between the two of them. “Now I have gotten my dad’s permission to act as Wali in this situation, so Alhamdulillah everything decided today will be legit.”

Hana stifled a smile at her brother’s formal attitude. He was really taking this seriously, it was beginning to sound like some kind of courtroom drama. 

“Alright boss. Lay it on us!” Houssam exclaimed, stretching towards his water glass, and Hisham cleared his throat. 

“Well honestly, I think the first mistake, was that Houssam, you never approached me or my dad to officially ask to talk to Hana. So that’s probably where problems began. It wasn’t appropriate. There was no blessings!”

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