Past Two

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*what even are we doing with our lives lmao?

*(Mpreg) it's common for men in this world to get pregnant.

*Mew comes in late from the office to meet his pregnant awaiting lover.


Mew nervously sat in his car parked in his driveway. He was too scared to enter the house.

Before leaving Mew told his pregnant husband that he's just going to drop by the office to pick up an important file, but didn't return until almost four hours later.

The clock currently read 2:10am.

Gulf told him that he's going to wait until Mew comes home, most couple would feel excited to rush back home to their lover but Mew was scared to enter his house.

He knew that Gulf would be angry, so right now he's currently praying that his angry spouse got tired and fell asleep hours ago.

This is one of the few moments Mew is wishing for the pregnancy hormones to take action and knock his spouse out cold.


There's no reason why a grown man should sneak into his own home. Mew thought to himself.

But who was he kidding. He sure as he'll wasn't going to face Gulf. He loved his life dearly at the moment. And he wouldn't want to risk dying before he welcomed his angel into this world.

So far it looked as though Gulf wasn't up.

But a scared husband can never be too sure.

Tiptoeing his way to the bedroom Mew undressed himself in the dark and navigated his way to their bed.

M: I think I'm successful.

Patting around the bed Mew tried to find where his husband laid in bed. Only to be met with cold jumbled sheets that had pillows together as though to make someone believe that someone was laying there.


He was definitely in trouble.

Finally having the courage to, Mew turned on the small lamp that sat besides their bedside.

M: Shit love. What are you doing there?

Mew spoke to the dull figure that was dressed in a big white shirt, he assumed to be his.

He knew the only option of who it could be.

G: Mew?

There it was. The way Gulf had called his name sent shivers down his spine.

M: Yes love?

G: What time is it?

Mew hesitantly reached for his phone and looked at the time.

M: Its Tuesday, June 10th 2:17am 2021 love.

He wasn't trying to joke when he said the date and year. He knew Gulf wanted all those details included.

Maybe it was the details Mew would have on his gravestone.

G: And what time did you leave this house?

M: Some minutes to twelve?

He didn't want to give a smart ass answer. He knew what time he left the house but in a situation like this, one should play it safe rather than smart.

G: Wrong. You left at exactly 11:47pm on a Monday night. After I strictly told you that those papers could wait. You argued and said "I'll be right back."

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