Chapter 17

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Lifting my head from the steering wheel I glanced at my surroundings. I didn't know where I was didn't care. I just took off and didn't look back, just kept driving. Glancing at the time I wondered if it was to early to have a drink?

Fuck it

Taking my bag from the back seat I searched through it making sure I had money. Cleaning up my face I took a deep breath before getting out. Guess having a drink was on the cards. Strolling around I almost did a happy dance when I found a wine bar. Walking inside I looked around before finding a seat in the corner by a window. Taking the menu out the stand I was about to open it when a glass was placed infront of me.

"I didn't order this" I said frowning, was I missing something?

"It's from the gentleman at the bar ma'am" He said giving me a sweet smile. "Can I get you anything to eat?".


Glancing over the first thing I noticed was the clean cut suit. Hm of course this was a fancy nancy place and here I was sitting in converse and jeans. Now I felt uncomfortable.

"Ma'am are you okay?"

Snapping out of my thoughts I smiled at the kid "Sorry I was in a world of my own, can you take this back for me please" I said pushing the glass slightly towards him. "And I'll have a bottle of La Crema if you have it".

"Certainly" Taking the glass he walked back over towards the bar. Why do guys think they always have the upper hand. A girl walks into a bar and suddenly someone thinks they need to buy her a drink.

Waiting patiently I glanced out the window watching the world go by. "Can I get you anything else?". Looking at the server I shook my head "No thanks".

Thinking over the last few weeks I couldn't wrap my head around how much had changed. I was back in the one place I never wanted to come back to. Yeah I love my job and have met some great friends. Thinking about my family and my dad, my mom having another baby. How they all adapted to living life like they do. How with the pull of a trigger they could shoot someone dead and not think twice about it. Some say if it wasn't for my dad they would be dead, how? They live dangerously everyday, criminals, animals some might say. And now what chance have I got to live my life the way I want to? Looking over my shoulder everyday, making sure I'm not being followed. What kind of life is that to live? Don't get me wrong my relationship with my dad has got a little better but when one thing goes right ten other things go wrong. It's like a game to them, shot one of there rivals and then the other way around. I don't know much about the club, never grew up in it but I know enough to know that being apart of something like this could kill them. Being a member of the MC will kill them.

Love the man love the club

Thinking about what Blaze had said didn't make sense then and it still doesn't make sense now. Love the man love the club? What if that man is sleeping with other girls? How can you still love him then? Maybe I was thinking to much into it but was wanting a real relationship asking for to much? Letting out a deep sigh I poured myself another glass. I wonder if Ally is still at the clubhouse? Did Cage really have it bad after only one night? Hearing a throat being cleared I turned my head to see the guy with the suit.

"This seat taken?" He asked

"Help yourself?" I muttered turning my attention to the window.

"Ava is it?".

That made me turn my head so fast I think I pulled a muscle. How did he know my name? Feeling my blood run cold I watched the smile take over his face "Says it on your pass" He pointed to my neck.

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