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"So that's it?" Delphi wonders as she plops on my desk and crosses her legs like she's a sexy secretary.

A frown falls onto my lips. "Do you not agree with my entire protection plan that I spent hours figuring out?"

Misha chuckles before twisting her keys on her finger. "You expected to impress her?"

"Well, I thought I did pretty good," I flip the folder at them, "look it's color coded."

Misha flashes a rare smile as Delphi rolls her eyes and then they both share a look. Alexander looks bored at me and I take most offense to that.

I stare at my color coded masterpiece in a prideful way, I was actually pretty proud of this. Alana even helped me with some of it. I so badly want to say fuck you but I withhold my comment and instead groan before letting my head hit the desk. They were only trying to help.

"I've taught you better than this," Anthony flips it back at me. "This would work for a lower gang but believe it or not your mafia can not survive with this plan."

"First, I'm older than you. Second, We don't have enemies," I respond. "Scotty has been our only stressor."

"He's a significant one especially if he becomes Mafia status like he has been trying for years." Misha interjects.

"He can't become a Mafia without taking over my Mafia." I argue, "he's a glorified gang!"

"That has multiple chains under him. He has absorbed ten gangs over the past four years."

"Yeah, I know, but-"

"No, with so many gangs being freelance gangs, if he convinces enough, he could become a Mafia."

My brain hurts at the thought of Scotty becoming a Mafia. "It has to account for something that when my parents signed that stupid contract that they were only a gang at the time."

"Even if you could, that won't diminish their potential Mafia status. Especially if he pledges to the Guerreras' under the mafia code."

I groan. Anthony was right, my plans weren't going to work.

Anthony arches an eyebrow at me, "You can always to try to overthrow him."

"I would have to kill him, not only that but I would probably have to kill his son too."

"Your point?"

Misha smirks at Anthony's confused expression and I sigh. "I'll think about it once I know he can't touch my Mafia with an a hundred foot pole."

"Right, we'll circle back to this." Misha offers, "what do you want to do about the Destons?"

"I already told you, they need to be dealt with." I respond curtly.

Misha bites the inside of her cheek. "How do you want them to be dealt with?"

"Henry and Carnelia Gates needs to be killed and we need to figure out a new leader." I answer without missing a beat.

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