His ankle didn't hurt as much as before - or maybe that was just the painkillers talking. However, that didn't stop Minho's family and friends fussing over him. It's not that Minho wasn't grateful for their concern, it was just that he would rather just be alone. Or with Taemin. Taemin always knew how to cheer him up. But he was off touring and Minho was confined to his hospital bed.

He'd been there for three days, and honesty he didn't know why. He was perfectly fine - only a small break - and he was completely capable of walking with aid from the crutches he had been given. Was it because he was 'famous'? Minho hoped not, he had never been one to take advantage of the perks of being well-known. In fact, he'd rather everyone just treat him like any other person.

"When am I allowed back to the house?" Minho asked the nurse that had been tending to him. She always came into the room with a blank expression, and left with a scowl. She was probably sick of having to check up on him every other hour just because he was 'precious'.

Having asked the same question every time she entered the room, the nurse sighed and replied in the same bored tone as she always did: "Tomorrow."

But, of course, Minho had been told that yesterday, and the day before that. Yet he was still stuck in the stuffy hospital room, locked away.

The worst part was that Taemin couldn't come over to see him - he was in Japan with the other three, and Minho was stuck in Korea. He had tried to call but only voicemail greeted him. Still, Minho was just happy to have heard his boyfriend's voice, even if it was just a voice recording of him asking to leave a message.

So Minho did leave a message:

Taeminnie, it's Minho! How's the tour going? I wish I could see you. Don't do anything stupid without me. But have fun. I miss you.

Another afternoon crawled by and the only company Minho had was the grumpy nurse. But this time, she entered the room with a smirk on her face.

"Minho?" she grinned. Usually, she ignored the fact that he was a member of the popular Kpop group, but here she was, hopping from one foot to the other, rather excited. "Internet War!" she squealed.

"Yeah?" Minho replied, certainly not in the mood for another fangirl fit.

"The Internet War show - some footage of it has been posted online and you guys were so great!" Minho hated how she talked about him as if he was over there with them. Because he wasn't, he was stuck with the sometimes annoying, sometimes grumpy nurse. Minho raised an eyebrow, not content with the little information he had received.

"And?" he urged her.

"I'll get it up for you!" she laughed, her face glowing red. Oh, God, what have they done now, Minho thought, wondering if one of them had fallen off stage again or something. The nurse ran out of the room with a bounce in her step.

"Here!" She had returned as quickly as she had left, but this time carrying a laptop. She was typing quicker than Minho thought possible. She placed the computer on Minho's lap and backed away to stand by the door, looking expectantly at him.

The title caught his eye - "Taemin and Jonghyun at Internet War." It already had 100,000 views, which was unusual considering it had only been up on the Internet for a few hours.

Minho wasn't sure what to expect. Nothing good, he guessed from the way the nurse had acted. Or maybe something too good.

Minho glanced at the nurse as he clicked play. First it was just Jonghyun on stage, in the place of Minho. He felt his heart ache, thinking of what could've been if he hadn't fallen on his ankle. He cursed his bad luck.

The show seemed fairly normal - everything Minho had practiced a few days before with Taemin. Jonghyun was doing pretty well for someone who had had little time to prepare.

And then Taemin rose from the shadows, and Minho's breath caught. His boyfriend looked so perfect. The camera was focused on Taemin for the next part of the song, making Minho feel mostly just uncomfortable.

Taemin was dancing in and out of the red smoke, looking completely wild. Minho wondered if, at any point during that show, Taemin had thought of him.

The song went on, from Taemin swaying in time to the music, to dropping on his knees to the floor. But now he was back on his feet and walking straight to Jonghyun who was still dancing around on the other side of the stage. It was times like this where Minho found it easier to believe that Jonghyun had once been in a rockband before joining SHINee.

It was then that Minho realised what was going to happen. His mouth dropped slightly, finding it hard to keep his eyes on the screen. He saw, out of the corner of his eye, the nurse tilt her head slightly to one side. He could tell she knew what was about to happen. Minho felt a surge of anger towards the young nurse; she didn't have to show him this. He'd rather she hadn't.

One thing lead to the next: Taemin was all over Jonghyun. His boyfriend kissing his best friend. In front of everyone. In front of all their fans. He wasn't sure what hurt most - the fact that Taemin had just kissed someone that wasn't him, or the fact that the crowd was loving it.

Taemin had betrayed him - and for some strange reason, he knew that deep down. Taemin had done it for something more than just the fans. He had done it for himself, too.

"Minho, I'm so sorry."

But Minho had already slammed the laptop shut and requested that the nurse left him to his own thoughts for a while.

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