Chapter 25: Red Spider Lilies

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Diana slumped her butt against the grass. The way that she sits on the grass is very unladylike, but her beauty made her look like a goddess playing on earth. Her eyes squinted at the beautiful pink roses.

In her head, she's trying to dig some information about that black-haired man. Her novel 'The Lovely Princess' was definitely similar to this world except for the plot, so if she's lucky, there might be a piece of information about that man in her novel.

Because she can feel it, that man is really suspicious.

'Handsomely suspicious.'

Diana let out a laugh. "Damn, what am I thinking," She said while laughing at herself. "Of course, Claude is more handsome." Her hands reached the nearest flower. "My husband is more handsome" Then a warm smile appeared on her face.

It was already half an hour since she walked away from that suspicious black-haired man. Fortunately, the man did not follow her, and if he does he will surely receive a kick from her, but although the man did not follow her, she decided to stay in a spacious place to think.

'That man' Diana suddenly thought, her face became deadly serious.  'He really looks like Claude and I can't ignore the fact that I saw his eyes turned blue. What if what I saw is right?' Her eyes became sharp as she glanced at the field. 'Who else could have a face who looks like Claude?'

'And the flower that he puts on my left ear...' Diana glanced at the pink rose on her hand. She clutches the flower tightly. Every time that she remembers what type of flower did that man puts on her ear, she can't help but to feel anxious.

'Red Spider Lily'. 

Diana is a writer, she also admits that enjoys killing her characters, and she knows a spider lily when she sees one. Diana can't be wrong, that flower is a Red Spider Lilies and Red Spider Lilies' symbolism is connected to two things.

One of them is death.

'Just where the hell did he get that Spider Lily? This place is full of pink roses!!!' Diana thought. Her face frowned as she puts the pink rose on her ear. 'Lucas is right, I should stay away from that man!'

"To who are you comparing me to?" A voice suddenly said. Diana almost jumped out of her sit. Her eyes went wide as she glanced at Claude who is standing behind her. Claude's face is usually stiff or serious but today there was a slight smirk on his face.

The reason? Well, everybody knows it.

"W-hat are you doing here?" Diana asked as she stands up. Claude immediately holds Diana's hand to support her. "Wait, did you ran away from Felix again?" She asked in a suspicious tone.

"I did not and you're still not answering my question" Claude's face went closer to Diana's face. "Your husband is more handsome than...?" Claude asked. His tone became playful when he mentioned the word 'husband' to Diana.

Diana's cheeks turned pink.

Where's Athanasia when her father is seducing her?

"I saw a handsome man a while a while ago" Diana started to talk. She noticed that her Lover's face became serious, Diana laughed softly as she cupped Claude's handsome face. "But of course you're more handsome. Why? Are you jealous?"

Claude sneered, he's already planning to find that 'Handsome' man and he's probably planning to kill him. "Who is this man?" He asked.

"I don't know either, but he said that he was a relative of Lady Margarita" Diana explained.

Claude became silent, his eyes were surprised and anxious at the same time. "Lady Margarita..." He repeated.

"Yes, Lady Margarita. She was also here to join our picnic. She's such a lovely child, she looks like an angel and she has Jewelled blue eyes like..." Diana stopped talking when Claude's grip on her hand became tighter, it doesn't hurt Diana, but this action made her worried. "Are you okay?"

"That child..." Claude spoke, his eyes were focused on Diana's pair of ruby eyes. "She's not mine"

"Not yours?" Diana became confused.

"She's not my child," Claude said in an anxious tone. "Athanasia is my only child"

Diana became dumbfounded, She suddenly realized what Claude meant to say, and of course, she knows the truth. She's the writer of 'The Lovely Princess' after all, but it warmed her heart when Claude clarifies it.

Jennette's eyes were Jewelled blue, which is the main attribute of royalty, and Penelope Judith was his fiance. Many people might misunderstand it.

"But she has your eyes, how can you be sure?" Diana said in a bitter tone, she decided to tease Claude a little bit. That question made Claude uneasy, he doesn't know to explain it to Diana, but he looks willing to tell her. "Blue eyes are the main attribute of the royalties" Diana spoke once again.

When Claude was about to talk Diana placed her forehead on Claude's forehead "Shh"  She chuckled softly. " Hahaha, no need to explain. I know that Athanasia is your only child" A soft laugh escaped from her lips. "I know the truth, don't worry"

Claude pulled Diana into his arms. "You made me want to seduce you behind our daughter's back" Claude whispered to her ears. Diana's face became red when she heard it. Claude suddenly carried her in a bridal style.

"Let's go, your daughter is looking for you," Claude said as he started to walk.

"Huh? what about the picnic?" Diana asked. She recovered from her lover's sly remark.

"It's done" Claude replied. "The Chimera left already"


"Nothing, just a new word from a brat" Claude replied. 

That brat can't be Lucas, right? 

Unfortunately, that brat is really Lucas. He's such a bad influence to the Emperor.

"Anyway, tell to the gardener to remove Red Spider Lilies from this garden," Diana said in hesitation.

Claude stopped walking and glanced at the beautiful woman in his arms. "What do you mean? There weren't such Red Spider Lilies on this Garden"

'But where did the man get that? I clearly saw him plucked it from this garden' Diana thought. 'I guess I really have to tell it to him'

Diana became more hesitant. "But I saw the handsome man plucked it from here..." She said. "He placed it on my ears..."

"What?" Claude asked in a furious tone. In just a second, both of them teleported into a familiar room. 

It was Athanasia's room. 

Athanasia who is currently in her room discussing something with Lucas was shocked to see her Mama and Papa appeared in her room, even Lucas was surprised. "Papa?!" Athanasia suddenly stands up.

"Tell me who is that bastard," Claude asked Diana. His face was fierce from anger. "Tell me where did that bastard pluck that damned Red Spider Lilies"


Claude is angry, Uh-oh.

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