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— Chapter One —


The called out man's whole body jerked up. He looked around, the auditorium was almost empty with the exception of Jeno who was standing right by his side. The tall man glared down at Donghyuck, his face frowned in a scolding expression as he said, "I can't believe you slept through almost half of the class."

"Sorry, I was just so tired." Donghyuck replied, groggily rubbing his eyes. A long sigh from above told him that Jeno had come to terms with his friend not paying attention.

"I'll give you my notes later but for now let's get out of here." he said and dragged Donghyuck with him through the hallways of their college. Seeing as it was the last class for the week, the whole building was deserted. Only a few last students and the cleaning staff was left.

"Let's go to my place and you can copy my notes there. Afterwards I'll convince Jaemin to cook us something." Jeno said while they bowed their heads to a cleaning staff passing by.

"Sure thing." Donghyuck grinned. Jeno's roommate could cook the best food ever. Donghyuck, staying over at their dorm often times, had grown fond of Jaemin. The two immediately clicked with each other, doing aegyo battles just to annoy Jeno. Sometimes though, Jaemin would get a little irritated with Donghyuck because he was either being too loud or spending too much time with Jeno. The latter was the reason why Donghyuck suspected that Jaemin might have a little crush on Jeno which would be super cute in Donghyuck's opinion. He himself found Jeno adorable, however seeing as they were best friends, Donghyuck would never catch feelings for the older man.

Together they walked through the bus streets of Seoul. Jeno and Jaemin's dorm was not too far from campus so they could easily reach it by foot. Donghyuck noticed a few more people than usual wearing masks but it was explainable since the sickness season was approaching. Apparently this year ther viruses were even more contagious than usual, Donghyuck had read it in one of Jaemin's journals.

He had to admire Jaemin's nerve to read through each one of these journals, mostly doing so in the kitchen while the food was cooking. Jaemin had his mind set on becoming a surgeon and unlike Donghyuck who didn't really know what he wanted to do with his life later and therefore was only mediocre in college, Jaemin absolutely aced all his exams. Donghyuck had heard from Jeno that Jaemin was sure to be accepted into any medical tutoring program that he wanted and Donghyuck couldn't help but feel a little envious.

He had nothing that he was that passionate about. Well, maybe singing but a career as a singer was not really known for a steady income which was exactly what Donghyuck wanted to have later in life.

When stepping into the apartment, Jaemin's delicious cooking could already be smelled at the entrance door. Jaemin's and Jeno's apartment was much cleaner that the one Donghyuck shared with his own roommate Renjun.

"Hello you two! Are you alright? Did anything happen?" Jaemin ran towards them, his eyes worriedly checking both Jeno and Donghyuck.

"Uh no. Donghyuck fell asleep in class, that's it. Why?" Jeno asked, perplexed by Jaemin's distress. Donghyuck felt the same, never had he seen Jaemin so anxious before.

"Check the news, the TV is on already." Jaemin told them and then ran back into the kitchen. Donghyuck and Jeno exchanged a confused look. Why was Jaemin being so weird right now?

"Let's go?" Jeno asked after Donghyuck had taken his shoes off and the younger nodded, following Jeno through the hallway into the open kitchen that was connected to the living room. Jaemin stood by the counter, however didn't bother looking at the cooking food behind him. His eyes were on the TV which now also gained Donghyuck's and Jeno's attention.

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