Chapter 2: My Kitkats!

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Sierra's Pov

I love rain.

There's just something about rain that pulls people to it.

Maybe it's the color grey that fills the sky or maybe it's the cool breeze that blows before the rain starts to shower. Or maybe people get mesmerized by those tiny droplets of water that fall from nowhere at all.

To me, it's the smell.


The smell that takes over when the rain hits the ground and mixes with the earth's beautiful nature.

It's the smell I've always loved.

Well-maybe after the smell of Zach's Cologne.

I scowl at my thoughts which always drift over to him.

It's raining.


And I'm staring out of my window at the beautiful scenery of raindrops falling into the ground.

I inhale and exhale.

My phone starts ringing and I look over it to see it's Sean.


"You forgot didn't you!?"

"About what?"

"You agreed that we'd meet after school and it's been half an hour since school has ended. And I'll get late for my date because of you."

"Oh my god! I'm soo sorry! I completely lost track of time." I say in a hurry as I pull my jacket over my sweatshirt.

"Yeah, you better be sorry. I'll be waiting for you. Come fast."

He hangs up and I rush to my brother's room.

"Xavi! I need you to drop me at Sean's house. Please it's an emergency!"

"Ughh! Go away S. I wanna sleep."

"Please, please. He has a date today and I forg-"

I was cut short when he woke up faster than Flash from Incredibles-
I love that movie!

"What the fuck!? He has a date? With whom? Who the fuck is his date?"

"Stop swearing and yes he has a date. It's someone he met at a cafe."

"How can he trust that guy soo easily?
What if he could be some kidnapper? How could he agree to go on a date with a stranger he doesn't even know?" He says with so much anger.

I'm shook.

"Why are you getting railed up at the fact that he has a date?" I look at him suspiciously.

He looks at me for a second and shook his head.

"It's nothing. I was just- you know- looking out for him?"

He doesn't meet my eyes when he says that and if I'm not mistaken I see a small tinge of pink on both his cheeks.

"Xavi. Are you blushing?"

"What!? No! No, I'm not! Get out! Wait for me in the car! I'll be there soon."

He pushes me out of his room.

I frown at his bedroom door and shake my head.

I start making my way downstairs and reach his car. I get inside and wait for him.

The rain has stopped a bit.

After a few minutes, he arrives.

And we leave for Sean's place.

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