Chapter 15

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"Since there are some team members who failed the exams." Lu Jia sighs loudly

"Look, I don't know about you, but I-"

"Lu Jia." Her twin says, the girl biting the inside of her cheek gesturing for Siyang to carry on

"Carrying on, I had a discussion with Yan. We plan to help you review on weekends." Siyang looks to his side "Lu Xia, why are you standing here?"

"Zhuo Zhi and Dachi have passed the exams. They will help you. Any objections?" Lu Jia raises her hand, Siyang raising an eyebrow curious about what she wanted

"Can it not be on the weekends? I kind of have stuff to do, so..." Siyang gives her a look, the girl sighing "Yeah, fine whatever." She looks away frowning

The five players start studying, Lu Jia's hold on her pencil tight before she explodes "I can't fucking do this! Go prepare Xu Hao senior for the competition because I'm not passing this bullshit!" She yells grabbing her stuff before walking away, Qiao Chen and Jiale now very awaken

"Continue your exercises, she's just... Irritated." Lu Xia says looking at the way his sister went off


"Fuck school. Fuck this bullshit. Fuck math, fuck English, fuck Chinese, fuck everything!" She practically yells ripping her papers to shreds

"Never saw something so small having so much hatred in its body." A girl says smiling "What happened Lu Jia?"

"If I can't pass the exams, I can't go to the competition. And now, I freaked out and had a breakdown. I left the study group, told Yan he should warning you to play for me and now I just ripped my papers, and I don't know what to do because I don't have the things so I can prepare myself and now I'm crying and feel like I should shut up but I can't and-" The girl stops her by putting her hand on her mouth before slowly taking it away

"Okay, first of all, breath Lu Jia. Calm down a little and take deep breaths." The girl does so "Second of all, I bet Yan has more papers like those, relax. And finally, you are so smart Lu Jia! You should believe in yourself! I know you can do it!" She tries to cheer her up

"You know what, I should probably go back and apologize for everything. I should have not done that and it was fucking stupid and-"

"Lu Jia. It's okay, everyone has a breakdown or two sometimes..." 

"But... They are probably mad at me..."

"They would never be mad! Now, come on. Let's go clean your face, get a ice cream, get more papers from Yan and get you back to studying. I'll even help you if you want to!" Xu Hao says smiling, her arm on the girl's shoulder before they walk away


"Try it. Zhiming, don't be too strict with them. Eat it while it's hot. It doesn't taste as good when it's cold. I'll cook some other dishes that you like."

"Xinglong, could you please bring me a Fanta?" Lu Jia asks looking up from her papers


The girl nods before smiling "Thank you Xinglong!"

"Be quick!" Jiale says as he goes away before trying to get some goose

"If you are really hungry, you can drink some water." Xinglong comes back giving the soda to Lu Jia before walking away again

"Yan Zhiming, you went too far. The roast goose in Xinglong's restaurant is so delicious. How can we focus on the exercises?!"

"Good point! And Xinglong just said the roast goose won't be as delicious if it's cold. This is food 'west'."

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