"Whoa! Aren't you supposed to be onstage?" A big brute of a man blocked the exit.

Jonghyun was almost in tears as he tried to explain, but the words just came out as a series of sobs.

"You're following the pink-haired boy?" Jonghyun nodded, seeing the pity in the man's eyes. He hated that, and he must've looked a mess.

The man nodded and stepped aside, allowing the short boy to run by.

"Key! Key!" Jonghyun called, but he got no reply. "Kim Kibum, please tell me where you are!" But still nothing.

Jonghyun kicked open all the doors that weren't locked, searching for Key. It wasn't until he reached the final room of the corridor that he knew Key was hiding out in there. Not just from the soft snivels, but Jonghyun could just sense his presence.

"Key..." Jonghyun whispered as he peaked his head around the door. He found himself in a dark storage room, filled with boxes.

Key was under a table near the back with his head resting on his knees. "What are you doing under there?" Jonghyun asked quietly, crouching in front of his friend.

"Hiding," Key replied, tears staining his cheeks, his eyeliner smudged. When Jonghyun didn't reply, he added, "from you."

Jonghyun felt tears in his own eyes as he reached out for Key. He was able to take Key's hand without him pulling away, so Jonghyun dragged him out from under the table.

"I'm so sorry, Key," Jonghyun suppressed a sob and hugged the shaking boy as hard as he could.

"But why did you do it?" Key managed to get out.

"I..." Jonghyun didn't have an answer; he didn't know why. He had told himself it was a spur of the moment decision, but in fact, it was more than that.

Jonghyun had been waiting for that kiss, or something like it, for a while. He'd obviously just kissed the wrong person back there. Maybe the right person was in front of him.

He looked directly into Key's eyes, as much as the boy tried to divert his gaze, his own glancing down to his lips. He was leaning in now, their lips merely inches from touching.

He needed this.

They needed this.

The tension was thick in the air, the frustration and want lingering close by.

Jonghyun couldn't take it anymore.

He pressed his lips against Key's and positioned his hand at the back of his head, keeping him in place; not that Key was trying to escape anyway.

It was gentle and sweet - nothing like he experienced with Taemin. He pulled away, his mouth hanging open. He was studying Key's face, trying to figure out how Key was feeling, but nothing about his expression showed any signs of his emotions.

"I don't--" Jonghyun began but he was cut off by Key's finger which was now pressed firmly against his lips.

"Don't ruin it," Key warned, his face still blank. Jonghun nodded and attempted nothing other than a small smile.

And that's when Key was split into a huge smile. He pulled a satisfied Jonghyun into a hug. "Took you long enough," he murmured into Jonghyun's neck, the sadness disappearing.

Jonghyun was his, finally.


He was going to have to call his Minho and explain, or perhaps discover that Minho hadn't heard anything about the show... about what he had just done with Jonghyun.

All Taemin could remember was Jonghyun's daring smile, his intense gaze and the way both their cheeks were flushed. He remembered thinking, "This is great." But then a sudden siren had started blaring in his mind. A siren that screeched, "You idiot! What have you done?"

He saw Minho's face whenever he closed his eyes.

Why did Minho have to go and break his ankle right before the show? Things wouldn't be like this if Minho had taken his time with the dance.

No. Taemin would not blame his boyfriend for his own mistake.

Then things got awkward; he saw Jonghyun - the guy he'd just kissed - run off stage, leaving him with his mouth slightly open and his head spinning.

The crowd went wild, screaming, shouting, stomping their feet. He couldn't tell if they were happy with the outcome of the kiss or not.

"Minho," Taemin said quietly into his microphone without thinking. The room grew silent, save for a few coughs and foot shuffling. He saw the cameras focus on him, but his vision was turning blurry. "If you see this, I'm... Sorry. Minho, I'm so sorry."

He dropped to his knees in sobs until two men in black came onto the stage and dragged him away from the stares of his fans.

"I'm so sorry," Taemin whispered one more time before he blacked out.

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