Chapter 19

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"Daichi, have this." Xinglong puts a goose leg on his plate "Have a goose leg, it's good for health."

Daichi moves it to Jiale's plate who puts it in Lu Xia plate "Eat it if you want. Today we lost a match."

"We lost. Because I didn't have enough stamina." Lu Jia puts her chopsticks down sighing

"It's not all your fault. it was a double match. They did outperform us, but today, we weren't in our best conditions. I think this year, Xing Yao improved." 

"They did improve, but we should improve too."

"Yes. If you increase your stamina."

"I'll improve." Jiale says "I'll try harder. Stop nagging me." Dayong sighs

"To know is one thing. To solve it is different. You never face your problems."

Jiale gets up "I've made a promise. Why don't you have faith in me?" Xinglong slowly gets up "You said my stamina wasn't enough so I tried. Or is it what you actually wanted to say is that to you, I am a burden that you can't handle?"

"Jiale, Daichi didn't mean it."

Jiale ignores Xinglong "Do you... Forget it! If you want a new partner, I don't care."

"Jiale, come on..." Lu Jia grabs his hand

"Jiale, don't say that." Xinglong puts his hands on his shoulders "Calm down. Let's sit down." They sit down, Lu Jia massaging the back of his hand with her thumb "Jiale, have this. Eat a goose leg. And let's not get angry." Jiale drinks some water and Lu Xia gives him back the other leg


"I have a new training plan today. But, where are Jiale and Xinglong?" Yan asks looking at Dayong

"Jiale won't be here today. I'll pass on the plan to him." Zhuo Zi says

"The same goes for He Xinglong." Lu Xia says "He has to help his family. He wants to take a few days off."

"As the training wasn't effective and Lu Jia didn't participate, I made some new adjustments. Jiale and Zhuo Zhi will pair up. Baiyang and Qiao Chen will pair up. Xing Long and Dayong will pair up. Lu Jia and Lu Xia should pair up but as they have played together many time and won't improve much, they have no fixed partner. So, from Monday to Friday, according to the set schedule, they will join different teams each day. He can also monitor the others." Dayong starts giving them their plan 

"Yan." Lu Jia speaks up before Yan can continue "Are me and Lu Xia going to be in different teams or the same? Like, let's pretend on Monday I'm with Baiyang and Qiao Chen, will he be with them as well or with another team?"

"Separated teams." She nods pouting "Next, we will have team training. In addition, in preparation for the future matches, we need and aggressive player. I suggest selecting someone among all top players to enhance our strength."


"Me." Lu Jia sighs

"Why are you competing with me?"

"You two, stop! You've been fighting ever since the first day of school." Dayong says as they glare at each other

"Good. I think you both are the ideal candidates." Yan says, the two look at him 

"The coach's training plan not only betters your strengths but helps overcome your weaknesses. We can improve our competitiveness before the provincial tournament. For everyone, this is crucial. The captain and the coach will come back soon."

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