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Kurt Hummel: Kurt is co-head cheerio. He has a BIG crush on Blaine but wont admit it. His best friend is Katniss. He loves to sing and impress Blaine.

Katniss Everdeen: Katniss is also a cheerio. She has a little sister called Prim. Katniss recuits Peeta for 'Operation Klaine'. She also loves singing but is shy about it.

Blaine Anderson: Blaine is a member of glee club. He likes Kurt but thinks he wont like a loser like him. He is delighted when Kurt joins glee.

Peeta Mellark: Peeta is a jock and member of glee. He helps Katniss in 'Operation Klaine'. He falls for Katniss when he sees her out of her cheerio uniform.

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