A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (14)

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Thankfully he isn't much taller than I, so as he releases me, I'm able to gain my footing and dash to Will's side.

He then makes sure to place me fully behind him. I'm very relieved to be next to him, but that doesn't mean I'm safe. For the stranger recovers quickly and realizes I'm no longer in his grasp.

“Whitney, come back here, you are not safe with him."

“Not safe with him?" I'm not safe with you; you're trying to kidnap me!" I yell at the stranger, he really is insane.

“Whitney I already told you I will not harm you. You have to come with me."

"She doesn't have to do anything you say." Will spits out.

“How do you know my name?" I ask him.

“He’s from that auction house, aren't you?" Will question him.

Of course he is, now that I think about it, how else would he know my name? They must have sent him to get me and Will back. As I think this over, I feel a presence from behind me.

I turn around only to see a very tall man with long black hair and eyes, staring at the scene before him.

There’s also four other men standing behind him all very dirty and grimy. The oldest of them notices me, and stares back at me for far too long. I turn away from them and scoot closer to Will. They must be the ship’s crew and captain, but that's just a guess.

“I do not work at the auction house, but I did come from there."

Now I'm confused what does that mean? If he doesn't work for them how does he know my name, and what does he want?

"I have had enough of this small talk, Whitney, come we must depart."

Then before I can even blink the stranger appears beside me, and lifts me over his shoulder, but before he can make another move Will tackles him and me to the ground.

I roll away from the two of them attaching one another, hoping I won't get caught in the cross fire.

Will keeps throwing punches blindly; all the while the stranger just keeps blocking them. I have an uneasy feeling that Will isn't even leaving a scratch on the stranger.

But I do see Will's eyes are glowing a heated blue color. He seems so determined to hurt the stranger, and dare I say, even kill him. Finally the stranger manages to throw Will off him, sending him soaring straight into the bar with all the alcohol.

I've never heard that much glass breaking before in my life. All the glass bottles either fell from the shelves or Will had crushed them with his body.

"Oh my god, Will!"

After I get over the horrible sound of the glass, I bolt over to him, please let him be okay, please please, I repeat over and over in my head.

He can't be hurt or ever worse died, and all because of me. He just can't.

As I reach him, He shoots up from where he landed, as if he wasn't just thrown across the room.

Well I was worried for no reason, he seems fine. But then I look to his eyes, if it's even possible they're an electrifying blue.

Literally it looks like electricity is flowing through his eyes, and his pupils are dissipating. He's just glaring at the stranger with so much hate it's frightening. To be honest he's looking less and less like Will, and more like a demon.

I stand stalk still about 4ft from him, and about 6ft from the stranger. I glance to who I am still assuming is the captain, and his crew. He shows no sign of trying to stop this fight to my dismay.

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