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Things were working well at Seattle Grace hospital for Natalie. Mostly because the head of cardio, the great Preston Burke, was shot in the shoulder and she stepped up in all the cases. She was doing well with all her colleagues, the interns and residents liked working with her, she was a likeable person. She gave out the kind of person that people always respected. But she was also somehow distant, keeping her cautious. She didn't feel like getting her heart broken again by anyone. 

There was only few exceptions. She had found a friend in Derek Shepherd, both of them bonding over their cheating partners. Until she ended up liking his cheating wife. Addison Montgomery was a lot like her in so many ways. She was strong, she was confident and she independence in every sense of the word. Natalie needed new friends in her life, and as much as she tried to keep her distance she was with them for the better half of her day. It was bound to happen and it did.

That morning Natalie was at home, talking with her ex husband on the phone. Her soon-to-be ex at least. Isaac had no interest in getting a divorce with her. He had been trying to make things work, again. He wanted to fix everything, but there was nothing left to fix for Natalie. She needed all the strength she had left for her daughter and some of it for work, but mostly for Amber. "My lawyer said that you haven't sent her the divorce papers yet." Natalie clicked her tongue in annoyance when Isaac's reply was that he wasn't going to sign the papers. "Okay, I don't care what you want. I have no interest in being with you. No one in the history has ever hurt me as much as you had. I wanted to keep things civil despite everything, why can't you just show me some respect for once?" 

"Mom." Natalie's loud voice had worried Amber and she walked slowly into the kitchen of their brand new house. Amber loved it a little bit more than her old house, but she didn't want to admit that. It had a garden and she had a beautiful view from her room's window, plus there was a cute neighbour that was going at the same school as her. But there was no way she would tell her mother that. 

Natalie looked up at the daughter, her eye's widening a bit. She did't want her to get caught in the middle of this so she quickly hung up the phone, despite the fact that Isaac was speaking. But she couldn't care less about being rude, not to him at least. "Good morning, what are you doing up so early?" Natalie smiled at her and started preparing breakfast acting like she wasn't fighting on the phone with Isaac a minute ago.

"School?" Amber made a 'duh' face and starting helping her mother with breakfast. One of the cons of having a surgeon mother was the fact that Amber had to learn to take care of herself at a young age. And that also meant that she had to make sure she was going to get up for school on time because her mother could be on-call or because she was literally so tired that she couldn't even remember that her own daughter had school. Natalie didn't do any of it on purpose, she just trusted Amber and she showed her in every possible way. Amber appreciated that but she somehow liked it better when her mom was at home, being on a full mom mode. But she also admired her for everything she had achieved and continued on achieving. It was complicated. But in the end of their day they had a great relationship.

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