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Uncle aap Aaoge na vapis humse milne Aadia asked while waiting for her bus.

Bilkul Humari Aadia itni pyaari hai kyun nhi aaunga, and agli baar Aapki Aunty ko bhi launga I promise, I said pinching my throat and she gave me that innocent smile which could win anyone's heart.

Dadda aap mujhe school se lene aaoge please, she said to Sidharth

Kuch kaam tha Aadia, he asked sitting on his knees in front of her to match her height which still was very small in front of him.

Nhi she nodded negatively and said something which changed my perspective towards children.

I will miss you na Dadda, I have to be in school for so much time Dadda and then you won't be around me so ... She said pouting and Sidharth hugged her to his life actually He has actually changed a lot and the soul reason for his change is this little angle, I am actually very happy for him.

Aww mera baby pakka I will come to pick you and phir aate hue we will have your favorite icecream, he said winking making her squeal in happiness.

Yeah she said jumping and clapping as if she got the biggest happiness in the world and at the same time her bus arrived.

Bye Uncle I will miss you she said going towards her school bus after hugging Sidharth.

Bye baby, I will miss you too, I waved back.

Ashu teri flight main time hai na abhi toh, Sidharth confirmed once her bus left.

Nhi bas abhi nikal raha hoon, I said moving inside to get my bags and he followed me.

Itni jaldi, he asked visibly taken back.

Haan yaar voh Aahnik ke school jaana hai She is new here so Nidhi wants me to see to it once before I fly back, I replied getting almost ready to leave any moment.

Chal I will accompany you, he said picking up the car keys and I wanted to stop him but his one look and I knew I have no chance.

Kaka kahaan hai, jaane se pehle unse bhi mil leta main I said once I saw him sliding in the driving seat.

Voh kaam se bahar gaye hai, late hojayega aate aate Tu baith chal aur bata kahan jaana hai? He said starting the car and I slide in the passengers seat after loading my luggage at the back seat.

Link road, I said while messaging her about coming down stairs in a few minutes and checking messages from Nidhi which stated nothing but just a simple miss you and this brought a smile on my tensed face for a second.

Kya hua phone par kyun busy hai, I heard Sidharth asking and I sighed keeping my phone aside.

Kuch nhi, I replied.

Kya hua hai Ashu I'm watching pareshaan lag raha hai kal shaam se, he asked and concern was clearly visible in his voice, he hasn't changed even a bit although he shows no he don't care attitude but he is still that caring Sidharth.

Arey kuch nhi bas aise hi Overthink kar raha tha main, relax kar bhai I said smiling slightly.

R you sure Ashu? He asked again and I could just nod.

Bas yahi Sidharth, I said him when we reached her apartment and I got out of the car to reach her flat.

You wanna come upstairs? I asked him.

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