Chapter 9

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"Stop don't shoot!" A voice shouted
From a distance. I looked up. a man was standing there with two muscly men guarding him. "Harry?" He said "uncle Kian!" He replied. "Let them go boys." Everybody dropped their guns and we was allowed to go in. we all walked in. It was wonderful. the village was untouched, exactly how Harry described it. "would you like to stay with us?" Kian asked. I looked around at everyone, I could tell they were all suffering. "yes... Please." I replied. " I'll show you your houses. please follow me." " wait houses? Plural?" I asked. " yeah! We have loads and since there are not many people here yet we would like you all to share 3 houses." he replied calmly. "Thank you." I said.

We got to the houses and everyone was going in "wait! Alfie come with me to see if it's all clear before we go in." Francesca demanded. we entered. It was very clean. The cupboards were full and so was the fridge. "how did they get power?" I asked. "Didn't you see the wind turbines?" Francesca replied. I went upstairs and it was all clear. I shouted out for the first group of people to come in. it was Leighanna, shannon, me, Ryan and Francesca. The second and third house were clear as well, in the second house there is Megan, Sinead, Ellie and Caitlyn and in the final house there is Nereece, Peck, Harry and Sophie. In my house I decided I wanted the biggest bedroom "how comes you get the biggest?" Ryan asked. "Because I'm fat!" I said laughing. "your not even fat, that's not fair." he replied grumpily. "Ryan your room is a tiny bit smaller. it's not like your going to spend your life up there. Kian said he's going to give us jobs for the community. After a few hours of relaxing there was a knock at the door...

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