Past Secrets

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No one POV:

Everyone but bakugou was hanging out in the common room, bakugou was already in bed since it's "past his bedtime" the others would joke

"Hey what happened to make bakugou hate you so much?" Kaminari asked getting a couple soft slaps from his classmates

"Hehe it's okay well it wasn't always like this..." Deku said nervously laughing, everyone looked at him very interested to hear what happened

"Oh- well when we were little kacchan was very cute and adorable! He was always so scared and would clinged to me everywhere we went, every time we crossed the street he made me hold his hand- OH! and he has this little bunny stuffed animal that was always with him named bee" Deku said looking away from the group thinking about all the memories

"What happened???" Everyone asked shocked that the loud angry blonde they know used to be a cute and kind kid

"That's the thing I don't know one day when I was waiting for him on the corner next to our houses like I always do cause I know he's scared to cross the street by himself, but when he came he looked angry so I asked him what was wrong and he yelled "stupid Deku mind your business!" I was shocked when it happened he never yelled especially at me" Deku said moving his gaze to the floor while the class looks at him confused

"And ever since then he would bully me and was cold and rude to everyone" Deku said looking at his class

"....We need to get the cute and kind Bakugou back" Mina said seriously everyone nodded while Deku looked at her shocked

"Wha- but how!" Deku asked confused but also really wanted to get the real kacchan back

"Well you mentioned a bunny stuffie named bee, do you think you can get it some how?" Mina said with a small smirk, deku thought for a moment and then nodded

"Yes I know my mom still has it in a box I can stop by tomorrow since we're on break" Deku said everyone smiled

"What else should we know about younger bakubro?" Kirishima asked, everyone looked at Deku for answers

"Well, he used to love chocolate chip pancakes and his favorite movie was Sleeping Beauty and he said how I was his prince, and he loved the zoo I used to go with him almost every weekend" Deku said spacing out a little at the end smiling to himself, the class awed

"I'll get the movie!" Ururaka said happily

"I'll make the pancakes" Iida said

"And after we could go to the zoo!" Denki said, everyone continued planning tell going to bed

The Next Day

Bakugou walked downstairs and smelt a familiar smell, he looked and saw his class all looking suspicious sitting around the kitchen

"Morning bakubro!" Kirishima said as bakugiu walked in the kitchen and noticed the chocolate chip pancakes

"Chocolate chip pancakes?" He asked not yelling which surprised the class

"Yes would you like some?" Iida said with a huge smile, putting the pancakes on a plate for him bakugou said nothing and took it

"Fine I'll eat your shitty pancakes!" He yelled covering the fact he was really happy

"Oh kacchan! I got- I mean found well- my mom found this!" Deku said and grabbed bee and gave it to bakugou

"Bee!- I mean I don't need this dumb toy!" Bakugou huffed angrily pretending he doesn't care for his old stuffie

"Oh well then I'll just take it back" Deku said pretending like he was gonna take it

"No!" Bakugou yelled pulling the stuffed bunny to his chest and then blushed when he realized his actions

"I mean- no I want to keep it not cause I like it of course that would be weak and childish!" Bakugou said the class looked at him amused

"I think it would be manly I mean I have a shark plushie" Kirishima admitted

"Yeah I have a picachu one!" Denki said

"It's completely normal man" Sero said with a smile bakugou just scoffed but said nothing

"Why don't we watch a movie like Sleeping Beauty" Momo said

"Yes!- I mean no that's a baby movie but if izu- Deku! Wants to watch it, cause he's a baby then.." bakugou explained

"Im fine with that" Deku chuckled and they all sat on the couch as ururaka put the movie in

After the movie was finished

"Did you see that there was a dragon and she was asleep! But then the prince came and woke her up and and-" bakugou was explaining as the class watch him in awe and amusement

"It was dumb a dumb movie yeah!" He said and stood up crossing his arms

"Oh really?" Sero asked raising a brow

"Yep!" Bakugou said closing his eyes and looking away

"Are you lying cause you know what happens to liars" he says smirking bakugou looked at him curious

"They get the tickle monster!" Sero said pulling bakugou on his lap and tickling him

"N-noooo!" Bakugou whined while laughing trying to get away, the class cooed at how cute bakugous giggles were

"How about we take a trip to the zoo hmmm?"
Tsu suggested with a smirk, bakugou sat right up with excitement

"I haven't gone since I was a kid" he said spacing out a little and then remembered "the situation" that made him change

"You guys go I'm too old" bakugou said doing his best to hide the disappointment in his voice

"But kacchan you loved the zoo!" Deku said wondering what happened to his mood he was just starting to get back to his old self

"Yeah "loved" I'm too old and it's childish, mom says I have to grow up and stop acting like a kid and stop hanging out with you cause you make me weak! That's probably what you're trying to do now"bakugou explained with a glare on his face

"Oh kacchan... is that what happened?" Deku asked softly bakugou looked away sadly trying to cover it

"I came home and mom was mad and said I needed to grow up and stop acting like a baby and she said I had to stop hanging out with you... but I didn't want to grow up yet and i didn't want to leave izu..." Bakugou said tears coming down his cheeks softly

"Aw kacchan don't listen to your mom ok? She's wrong you don't ever need to grow up" Deku said bakugou ran and hugged him

"I missed my kacchan" Deku smiled and pulled bakugou onto his lap hugging his waist tightly

"I missed my izu" bakugou said a cuddled into the tall boys chest

"Still up for the zoo?" Denki asked

"Yes yes yes!" Bakugou said happily they all awed at him and swore to protect him and keep his mother FAR away

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