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A/N: Hey everyone, I hope you are all well! Here is part 24 and excuse me for the late updates. I will try my very best to finish this book as soon as possible. I really hope you enjoy it!! P.S. I will be revising this one, needs more work still!!

TW: Shooting, mentions of weapons, blood. etc.

December 15

Y/n's POV:

Taehyung and I have been engaged for about 5 months now. Everything has been going smoothly and our wedding should be taking place in May of next year. The boys have been very supportive throughout this whole process. Park Hana along with B/F/N are our wedding planners and which has been great. They have been doing an excellent job and I couldn't be happier. Today was an exciting day for the both of us as are going to be doing a cake tasting and will be able to see our finished invitations for the first time. Taehyung and I are currently filling out charts but for some reason, I haven't been able to concentrate on them. I have been having this weird feeling all morning and it hasn't been able to go away. Suddenly I heard my name being called out and I realized my mind went blank. I snapped out of it and saw Taehyung looking at me oddly. "Hey,? Are you okay? You seem off? " he said concerned. "Yeah, I was just thinking," I said and smiled at him. He nodded and was about to leave when he remembered, "I have to go but don't be late to the cake tasting. It's at 1 pm in the board room." he said, kissed my forehead, and left to attend patients. I was about to go on about finishing charts when I was being paged to the ICU. I then left to go see what was going on.

Once I reached the intensive care unit, I saw Dr. Kim Seokjin and Dr. Jung waiting and discussing. "Hey, you paged?" I asked both of them. They nodded, "We need you to help us on this case since the resident who was assigned called in sick." Hoseok said. "Yeah sure, what is the case," I Said as Taemin had just left the room and went towards the three of us. "Taemin present," Seokjin said. "Alex Sanchez, 20 years old, post-op from heart surgery, has severe third-degree burns on arms and stomach that have been treated but Dr. Kim Seokjin will go in to see the further damage. It is highly possible he could have internal injuries due to his fall." Taemin said. "He was in a huge fire and the floor just collapsed. luckily, they were able to get in out right in time." Hoseok said. "So, You and I will go in and Dr.Jung will monitor to make sure he is stable throughout the whole surgery." Dr.Kim said. I nodded, "Taemin, Begin to prep him for the O.R. we will see you there." Dr.Jung said. He nodded and we all left to go scrub in.

end of Y/N's POV

Third-person POV

*Trigger warning: I added once more due to sensitive topic*

As y/n began to scrub in, someone had entered the hospital seeking revenge. They walked in full of rage and hate. They walked around the hospital trying their best to blend in with the crowd but somehow it was not possible. "Hey, Can I help you?" an intern walked up to them and asked. "Where is Dr. L/N, Dr.Kim Taehyung, or Dr.Park Jimin?" they asked. "I am sorry, but why are you looking for them?" the intern said. The person took off their mask and hood and the intern looked surprised, "Alice?! What are you-?!" the intern said before they were shot in the abdomen. They fell and were about to get up when they have shot again. This time in in the liver which caused them to bleed out even more. Alice leaned down and said "should've just told me. Now look,..... Pathetic." she said and walked. However, People began to run out of the building and Lockdown had begun as the presence of a shooter had become known.

After she had shot some, she had stopped since the building was practically empty. The only people in the building who remained were Dr. Kim Seokjin, Dr.Jung Hoseok, Dr.L/N, Dr. Park Jimin, Dr.Min Yoongi, and Dr.Kim Taehyung. Dr.Kim Namjoon, Dr. BFN, Dr. Park Hana, and Dr.Jeon were all outside waiting to hear any news about their friends. Those who remained inside had no clue of what was going on as they were in surgery. After an hour or so of searching, Alice realized that they were not anywhere in the office. She realized they would be in the O.R. and sure enough, she read the O.R. and began to analyze. She went straight to the O.R. where Y/N had been. Once she stepped in she saw only Dr. Jung and Dr.Kim Seokjin. "Alice, what are you doing here?" Dr. Jung had asked. "Where is Dr. L/N?!" She said as she pointed her weapon at them both. "Alice, calm down," he said. "Calm down, how would you feel if you had all your hopes and dreams crushed by one person," she said as she walked near them. "Wouldn't you be mad, angry, and seek revenge?" she said smirking. "You wouldn't understand," she said and shot Dr.Jung in the leg. "Now tell me, where is she?!" He didn't say anything. "She just left, I don't know." Dr.Kim Seokjin said. She scoffed and left to look for them. Dr. Seokjin helps Hoseok quickly so he wouldn't bleed out.

She looked back at the O.R. board and saw that Dr. Park Jimin and Dr. Kim Taehyung had both finished their surgeries, she knew exactly where the three of them would be. She got to the chief's hallway and saw the three of them get out of the elevator. However, once she saw Taehyung and Y/N holding hands, she got even more upset and walked straight towards them. The three doctors looked confused. "What are you doing here?" Jimin asked her. "Seeking revenge, I told you I would," she said and smirked. She pulled out her weapon and pointed it directly at Y/N. "You stole everything from me. Now I'll take it from you," she said and shot Taehyung. "NOOOO!!" y/n yelled before she was also shot. Before Jimin was attacked the cops had attacked her on the floor and she was taken into custody right away. "Tae..." y/n said softly. she heard no response. Jimin was helping but he was bleeding a lot. Min Yoongi had just gotten there and saw them on the floor. "Y/n?!" he said and ran towards her. "Noo, help Tae please help him," she said as she was covering a piece of cloth on her shoulder. Yoongi went to taehyung and saw that he was breathing slowly. Luckily, Namjoon, the chief, and Jungkook were allowed back in. The chief saw and told Jungkook and Namjoon to get two gurneys. "Taehyung, can you hear me,?" the chief asked. He slowly nodded. "Where's?...." was all he could say before the pain began to get worse. "Y/N's right here. How is she Yoongi?" Yoongi was with her and examining. "there is an entry wound no exit wound. How about Taehyung,?" " Entry and exit." That's when y/n began to seize. "Jimin help me put her on her side. we need to take her to the O.R. quickly," he said. "Quickly both of them. Now" The chief said.

end of 24

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