Chapter 3: Morgeade's Dream Girl

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"C'mon, I'll go cook breakfast," said Sunako to Morgeade.

Sunako's headache was drilling mines into her skull, so she took some aspirin with water when she entered the kitchen with Morgeade. "Wow. This is an awesome kitchen. I'm jealous, because I love to cook." Morgeade was looking around in awe.

"Really? I love to watch people enjoy my food." Sunako replied in surprise. It was weird to find someone with so much in common with her. She felt a true kinship with this person.

"I knew it. She's the girl for me," thought Morgeade, smiling to himself. "So, what do you want to cook this morning? My specialty is omelets. I put in bacon, cheese, and milk. What about you?" He looked over at Sunako who was gathering various ingredients from the fridge.

"My specialty for breakfast is...well, I guess I don't have a particular specialty for breakfast. Although, I was told I'm good at making healthy food taste good for you. And shrimp tempura."

"Oooh! I love shrimp! I guess you'll have to make me dinner tomorrow, and I could make you dinner the day after, which is Sunday. How 'bout it, beautiful?" Morgeade had a twinkle in his eye while trying to inconspicuously invite himself to hang out with her more.

"Cool! That's sounds fun. You could bring over your anatomical mannequins to meet Josephine, John, and Hiroshi-kun?" Sunako was completely unaware of Morgeade's intentions. Sunako was smart when it came to horror, but not so much when it came to romance. Morgeade leaned, arms crossed over his chest, on the island across from Sunako, watching her make breakfast from behind. Her actions were so precise, so elegant, and professional, he couldn't help but watch in awe. Morgeade also watched her backside in awe. "So beautiful. And she's living with a bunch of guys. It didn't seem like it from last night, but I wonder if she has a romantic relationship with any of them?" The thought worried him, so he shrugged it off.

Breakfast was ready in a matter of minutes. Steaming plates of delicious food protruded into the house, waking up the rest of the house (including Noi since she had stayed over that night.) Kyouhei was the first to come down, closely trailed by the others shouting, "Finally! Food! That thing finally cooked food!" Kyouhei ran into the kitchen and was confronted with one of the most irritating sites; the new guy, Morgeade, had taken Sunako's hand and was licking some miso soup off of her finger. Kyouhei looked at Sunako's face. She was blushing! Flat out, red-faced, BLUSHING! What the hell? She actually looked kinda like...a girl. A beautiful girl. Wait! What in the world is he thinking? He shook it off and went into the dining room.

Morgeade was staring at Sunako as she tasted the miso soup, then she shrugged and added more salt. "So cute." Morgeade started chuckling. When Sunako dipped her finger in a second time to check the taste again, he took her hand and, taking advantage of her surprise, stuck the finger in his mouth and stared into shining violet pools of confusion.

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