Ch. 56

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Harmony's p.o.v|

It's been a full 24 hours. I'm now allowed to go home with Luke and the baby. Luke helps me change into fresh clothes. We go and get the baby. I get sat in a wheelchair and I get wheeled to the car. He helps me get in the backseat of the car. I hold the baby in my arms securely. He drives us back to the 5SOS' house. He helps me get out of the car and back in the wheelchair.

"Thank you."

He wheels me and the baby into the house.

"How are you feeling?" He asks me.

"I'm fine."

"Good" he says.

We go upstairs and to the temporary nursery for the baby we have. We are going to be moving soon. We just have to find the perfect house. I place the baby in the bassinet. She snuggles into the bassinet cutely. I giggle slightly at her.

"So far so good" I say.

"I think we can actually do this" he replied.

"I do too. Can you believe that we're actually parents now?"

"Never in a million years" he said.

He leans down and kisses me. I smile throughout the kiss.

"I love you, little one," he tells me.

"I love you more, big foot."

He smirks down at me. We spent the whole day taking care of the baby. It was hard work, I'm not gonna lie. But it was totally all worth it.

"I want to show you something." Luke walks into the nursery.

I turn to look at him. The baby was in my arms.

"Come with me" he says.


He takes me outside and to the car. The baby was still in my arms, sleeping soundly. We drive up to a house.

"What is this?" I ask him confused.

"This is our new home" he replied.

I look out at the house in disbelief.

"What? Oh my god."

He helps me out of the car and we go over to the house. We take a good look around the new home. It was absolutely amazing! I'm so happy to have a place to call home now. A place where we can spend our life together with our newborn child.

"What do you think?" He looks at me worried.

"It's amazing."

"Really?" He fumbles around with his lip ring.


"When did you do this?"

"I bought it about a month ago" he replies.

"You kept it from me for a whole month?" I was clearly surprised by this whole thing.

"Yeah I did" he says.

"When do we move in?"

"Tomorrow" he said.


"Hey mom."

"How's my daughter and favorite grandchild?" She comes over to me.

"Mom, this is your only grandchild."

"There will be more" she shrugged.

"I'm only 18, one is enough for now" I said.

"You're right" she laughed.

She takes Layla from me.

"She looks just like her mother," she says to me.

"That's what Luke says."

"It's true though" she said.

"I guess so."

I sit down at the kitchen table.

"Luke and I bought a house," I tell my mom.


"He bought it about a month ago and never told me about."

I think back on it. That actually was a classic Luke move. He's always full of surprises.

"Wow" she replied.

"I know, we're moving in tomorrow."

"What about you stuff that's here?" She asked.

"The moving truck is coming tomorrow. I thought I would just sleep here tonight."

"Okay," my mom replied.

(That night)

I find myself up in my room. I was now writing a diary entry. Layla is downstairs with my mom.

Dear diary,

It's been an eventful coupled of days. I gave birth to Layla. Who's amazing by the way, I couldn't be more grateful for her. She's so beautiful. Tomorrow I am moving in with Luke. I find it hard to believe, that we're actually gonna have our own house. We're gonna have a home, a place to call our own. It feels like we're finally starting our lives together. In about a year, I will be married to Luke. Our baby will be a year old then.

I hear the bedroom door open. I close my diary.

"You going to sleep?" My mom walks in.

"In a few minutes," I tell her.

She nods her head. She hands me Layla.

"Goodnight." My mom walks out of the bedroom and over to hers.

I put baby Layla in her bassinet. She quickly falls asleep. She's just the cutest thing ever. I get in bed and fall asleep.

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