Ch. 55

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Dear diary,

Today is hopefully the day. I'm finally going to have my baby. Today is actually past my due date, so it kind of has to happen. It's already been a month. So much has happened this month. Calum and Quinn are still going strong! I couldn't be more in love and I'm so happy for them!

"Hey babe."

"You ready to go to the hospital?" I ask him.

"I'll go grab your bag" he said.

Luke goes and gets my bag with clothes and everything we need for the baby in it. We go out to the car and drive to the hospital quickly. We go inside, they put me in a wheelchair.

"Harmony Ella Hayes, I'm scheduled to deliver a baby," I tell the nurse behind the counter.

"Yes, we will bring you right in" she replied.

They wheel me into one of the rooms. Everyone arrived at the hospital soon enough. Calum, Michael, Ashton, Stacey, Quinn, and my mom were here. The others couldn't make it. They were all in the waiting room. The only one who was in the room with me was Luke.

It was now 5 hours later and still no baby. The doctor walks into the room.

"Okay, I think we're ready to get the show on the road" he said.

I nod my head, now in pain. Luke holds my hand tightly.

"Alright, we need you to push" the doctor said.

I do as he says and push as hard as I can.

"Again, Harmony." One of the nurses told me.

I push again.

"Okay three more pushes! Then she's out!" The doctor announced.

I pushed more and I hear the faint sound of crying. I smile in relief. I lay back down on the hospital bed.

"It's a beautiful baby girl!" The nurse smiled.

Luke looks at me and smiles happily. They wrap her up in a pink blanket. They put her in my arms. I look at my newborn baby. I smile down at her. She grabs ahold of my hand and I giggle.

"What's her name?" The nurse asked me.

"Layla Claire Hemmings," I told the nurse.

Luke smiles at the sound of our daughter's name.

"Can I hold her?" Luke asks me.

I hand our baby girl to him. He looks down in awe at her. Little Layla wraps her hand around Luke's finger. He looks fondly at her.

"Hi little one, it's your daddy." He looks so happy to have her in his arms.

I couldn't help but smile at them.

"Let's get her cleaned up." The nurse takes the baby from Luke. He frowns slightly and I laugh.

I fall asleep quickly.


I feel myself stir slightly and I wake up. I look over to see Luke playing with our baby. He didn't seem to notice that I was awake.

"Who's your favorite? I think I am right?" He chuckled at our little girl.

I rolled my eyes at him.

"Hi," I smile sleepily at him.

"You're awake," he says quietly.

"I think she likes me already," he adds on.

"I would hope so, Luke. She's your daughter after all."

"Yeah but no one said she had to like me" he said.

"Whatever you say.

Suddenly, our friends walk into the hospital room. Stacey walks over to my bedside.

"Hey, how are you?" She asks me.

"I'm good."

"Oh my gosh, let me see that little angel" Stacey said.

She takes Layla into her arms, rocking her back and forth.

"She's beautiful" Quinn said.

"Thank you."

"I can't believe that we're Uncles!" Cal said.

"I know right. I feel so relieved to finally have her here."

"Same" Luke said.

I will hopefully be able to go home soon with the baby.

(Sorry that it's so short guys! So what did you think? Layla Claire Hemmings 😍)

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