The Last Flight (A Maximum Ride fanfiction)

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Ok, so this is a fan fiction of MAXIMUM RIDE, hope you enjoy

NONE of MAXIMUM RIDE belong to me, all go forth JP.

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Fang had read an article in National Geographic about the falcon. He'd likened himself to Pale Male on many occasions and now it felt as though he and the falcon were the last remaining bit of untamable, ancient wild in the new, user friendly world.

There was a small crowd thronged around him on the sidewalk, which on any other occasion would have bothered him. He hated being in crowds, he hated being around people who were "normal". Part of him resented the "perfect" people. The ones who walked about and took airplanes instead of flapping their genetically implanted wings and flying off on their own.

It was these "perfect" people who had changed him. Who had spliced his human DNA with avian DNA, these "perfect" people were responsible for everything he'd been though, for everything The Flock had been through.

It bothered him on a very deep level, although he would never admit it to anyone.

He ran a hand through his hair and a woman with a video camera pushed in front of him, nearly knocking him back into the street.

He tore his gaze from the building long enough to step onto safer ground a few feet away from the crowd snapping pictures and whispering "isn't he beautiful" like a group of school children at a zoo.

That's all this is ... A zoo, a big, concrete and metal ZOO!

Fang looked over his shoulder at Central Park, disgust wrinkling his youthfully handsome face. The expression aged him, turning him into an old bitter man instead of a teenager. He hated the city ... This Urban Zoo ... Even the trees were on display here, trimmed and pruned into attractive shapes and sizes so as not to take away from the "beauty" of the big, hard, cold city.

The smell of car exhaust was thick, mingling with the stench of steaming sewer grates and briny wind coming off the near stagnant seawater in the harbor.

He wanted to fly.

He wanted to leap into the wind and fly away from this city, back into the wild, back into the mountains, into the open, welcoming arms of Mother Nature.

Fang couldn't help but smile at that. Who needed actual parents when you had Mother Nature?

Mother Nature who was constantly shrinking, receding into nothingness as Brother Development and Sister Technology ate away at her lush green expanses.

And where was Father Science?

Fang scoffed and turned back to the building, shielding his eyes against the sun as he peered up at the balcony Pale Male now perched on triumphantly.

Father Science was at work creating genetic-hybrids like Fang and The Flock. Father Science was running mad, creating things that were not born of Mother Nature, but were created in Madam Laboratory and kept in dog cages so they would never get to know Mother before Brother and Sister killed her.

The woman with the video camera bumped into him again and Fang ground his teeth together, his hands curling into fists by his sides.

Fine, I'm going! He growled in his head and briskly walked to the corner. Not like anyone wants me around here anyway.

He crossed his arms over his chest and waited for the little sign protruding from the side of a metal pole across the street to display the WALK light.

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